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You might be familiar with a recent spout of scaremongering in the media related to vaping. Fortunately the data does not support many of those claims. According to Public Health England, e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco. Read More
Vaping mimics the experience of smoking. Vapour is created by a heated element called a coil. The coil is a piece of wire which is heated by the device battery. The heat of the coil turns e-liquid into vapour which can be then inhaled Read More



Alectrofag has been trading since 2015, from humble beginnings in Liverpool to where we are today. With a number of locations across the North West and London, now our focus is online. With changes in trends and unforeseen complications caused by the recent pandemic, our goal is to cement our position as the best vape shop online in 2020. Read More
Bored from the usual style of vaping and want to move forward in order to become a more perfectionist at Vaping.So you have made the decision of moving forward in the world of Vaping and we are here to help you support this decision.Read More