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88 Vape E liquids

Nic Strength

Premium quality and Flavour are the two things that every vaper looks for, while choosing an e-liquid. 88Vape is the stop for these two qualities plus, as a bonus we offer quality and flavour in much reasonable prices than any other brand out there. The range of e-liquid is massive enough to cater a large audience including both traditional choices and unique blends like pineapple & coconut, crème brulee, lime zest cookie and many more flavours that you’ll absolutely fall in love with in the first puff.

All 4 ingredients; PG, VG, Flavourings and of course, Nicotine are pharma grade meaning they’re safe for intake. We know how big of a relief it is knowing there are no hidden nasties such as diacetyl or pulegone in your vape juices. The mixologists and laboratory testing staff at 88vape know the value of life and they care about our vaper so every bottle is thoroughly checked in every step before moving to the next one. The quality is there along with a wide range and flavourful blends, we assure you that you can never go wrong with buying any e-liquid by 88vape because its where every vaper finds flavour.