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Advanced Kits

After starter kits and pod systems come the advanced kits. The majority of these are what are called 'box mods' that are powered by external batteries, usually either one or two 18650 cells. These are much higher powered than starter kits and pod systems and can be adjusted all the way up to 200 watts in some cases!

Advanced kits at Alectrofag are just that, full kits. These come with the mod itself and a 'sub-ohm' tank. These sub-ohm tanks are designed to be vaped at a much higher wattage than that of a starter kit and they usually start on or around the 40/50 watt range and depending on which coil type you install can be vaped at a much higher wattage (the 100 watt plus range)!

Advanved kits are what we call direct to lung kits (DTL), this means the way you vape on them is much different than the way you would vape on a starter kit and if you have never done it before it can take a small amount of adjusting to. The method of DTL vaping involves pressing the power button to begin vapourising and then taking a deep breath in. This in turn produces much more vapour and can produce a lot more flavour than that of a starter kit. With that in mind, the e-liquid you would use in an advanced kit needs to be much thicker (up to 80% VG). You need to have a much higher percentage of VG in these kits as you will be vapourising at a much higher power and if you were to use a thinner e-liquid this would cause a certain amount of discomfort. Worry not though as here at Alectrofag we stock the widest range of brilliant high VG e-liquid in the Liverpool area!

We stock many different types of advanced kit from some of the biggest names in the industry. From Geekvape we have the Aegis line of kits (The Legend, The Solo and the X). From Smok we have the R-Kiss and the Mag range and from Voopoo we have the evergreen Drag range!

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