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Innokin Coils

Another of the original vape brands, Innokin offer a massive range of different coils for all types of device and here at Alectrofag we are proud to be able to offer them all to our customers. 

Our best selling coil is the T18e coil for the T18e starter kit, probably the best selling starter vape kit of all time. The T18e is up there with the Aspire Nautilus as one of the very best mouth to lung coils available. If you come to one of our stores and are not sure which coil you are looking for there is a 99% chance that you're looking for the T18e coils! We also stock the T20s mouth to lung coils as well as the Jem mouth to lung coils!

It's not only mouth to lung coils that Innokin have in the range. There is also the evergreen Isub coil coming in at 0.5 ohms and designed for the Isub tank, this coil and tank combo is the perfect gateway to higher powered vaping. Once you're there you could choose to upgrade to the Scion tank for a true high powered vape experience between 80 and 120 watts. The Scion coil is a vape monster!