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Are you worried about buying the best vape coil through the best service provider? Then you are on the right page. Alectrofag is the talk of the town because we prefer our customers’ ease. We intend to offer the best services in the world of vaping. Voopoo coils have no match when it comes to getting the best quality coils. So, now you don’t need to rush to the market and find your favourite coil because we are just a call away. read more...

Voopoo coils are never going to disappoint you ever because here you will meet your choice. When it comes to the variety, let’s clarify that the combination of the coils has nothing to do with their functionality but to work the same as the other one. So the question is that why people get different types of coils and why Voopoo offers six different kinds of vape coils.

To answer this witty question, we can fall into logic. The style of vaping defines its coil’s shape and design. If we discuss the function of the coil, then saying that it's always the same is not wrong. Good quality and strong coil works to heat up the E-liquid with a higher PG percentage and thus generates dreamy clouds.

Another major thing that we would like to tend your attention towards is the eclectic resistance. Electric resistance is the main thing that a chain smoker will look for because if it is low, it can kill their smoking buzz. We pay special heed to fulfil each customer’s requirements. Thus, we provide all kinds of Voopoo coils with the demanded resistance. You can enjoy a fantastic range of resistance, starting from 0.3ohm to 1.0 ohm.

We aim to facilitate our customers with the best quality at the most affordable price. Because the above elaboration justifies that vapes are better than other conventional cigarettes. So, pick your phone and make a call to us for ordering the best Voopoo coils beforehand to avoid any incontinence in the future. We are waiting to assist you with a variety of coils to pick the most appropriate match.

Our customers appreciate our coil range that contains,

All of them are designed to work the same but carry different capacities and results. 

We intend to tend the cigarette smokers to vape because it observed that smoking could kill, but vaping does not do so. Do you know how does vaping is considered health-friendly? The coil actually does not allow tar to pass but the nicotine inside the inhaler. Thus the damage against it is possibly minimized on a great scale. The replacement of the burnt mesh coil with a new and good quality one is as important as refilling the e-liquid. So, trust us and make a call. We will never let you down ever.

Frequently asked questions:

1- Why do I need a new coil for my vape?

If you observe the structure of your vape, you will observe that the object named coil contains a specific arrangement of cotton and wire. It functions to make the cotton wet, and the wire creates vapours once it gets warm. Thus, you inhale the vapours and fulfil your craving for nicotine. That’s how a coil works and there is an important thing to consider: there is always a specific time period for which a coil works. Once the cotton gets burnt, you start feeling its burnt taste and smell at the time of inhaling. So if you are using a disposable vape, it is better to change it as soon as it gets burnt.

2- Is it bad to vape with an old coil?

It is all about the condition of the coil and the cotton stuffed inside it. If you have a significant consumption of the e-liquid, it will be burnt soon, but if you have fewer puffs a day, it can be used for a long. Thus, it is straightforward to say that it is not about the age of the coil, but these are the numbers of puffs that decides a coil’s life. If it is burnt, it can cause a bad odour, bitter taste, and diseases like different allergies and cancer.

3- Why does my vape burn my throat all of a sudden?

It is called Propylene Glycol that provides a strong concentration of E-liquid. It affects the membrane of your throat and takes its moisture out of it. That’s why it causes strong irritation while you inhale its vapours. So, if you feel that it is causing you such a bitter reaction, go for a lower PG level e-liquid and change the coil regularly.

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