How Much Is Vaping Bad for You?

The disastrous effects of smoking are not new to anybody, as they are harmful not only to human beings but to every organism that exists in this world. The reason behind this is that when a cigarette burns, it releases a bunch of toxic chemicals. These toxins can directly impact a smoker's lungs and heart and pollute the environment, too.

In this way, the debate proceeds to what is a better replacement for smoking. Interpreting the advantages and disadvantages regarding the better alternatives to conventional cigarettes, vaping is considered 95% safer.

As vaping is making its inroads in the world, many questions arise regarding vapes, but eminent of them emphasise that “Is vaping bad for you?” This blog will interpret and distinguish between the effects and impacts of vaping vs smoking.

Vaping or Smoking - A Great Debate:

Talking about vaping vs smoking and their effects, it is better if we dissect what they do to interpret their effects. First, we will look at smoking and how it affects human life.

How Bad Is Smoking For Your Health:

If we talk about health concerns that arise because of conventional cigarettes, then:

  • The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention states that there exist 7000 toxins and chemicals in a tobacco cigarette that cause cancer and other diseases that are fatal to health. In the process of tobacco combustion, the deadly toxins get into the surroundings and affect people.
  • According to NIH, smoking leads to cancer of the lung, oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, oesophagus, bladder, kidney, pancreas, stomach, uterine cervix, and acute myeloid leukaemia.
  • The tar in a cigarette accumulates in the lungs, makes breathing difficult, and causes chronic bronchitis, as stated by the American Lung Association.
  • Other diseases that are caused by smoking include having a low immune system, being susceptible to illness, risk of diabetes, and complications in pregnancy.

How Bad Is Vaping for Your Health?

Let's talk about “how bad is vaping” since the UK government has already declared vaping to be 95% safer, so we should talk about how e-cigarettes are a better alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes.

According to the Royal College Of Physicians, the health concerns related to vaping are not even 5% of traditional smoking. Even though the concept of vaping is new to the world, the research conducted so far suggests similar views.

A study conducted by University College London states that:

“E-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes as the nicotine content they provide is significantly different. This can lead to quitting nicotine addiction but in a much safer way.”

Is Vaping Bad For Your Teeth?

Another of the most common questions appears: Is vaping bad for your teeth? We witness that smoking after breathing is awful and also pollutes the teeth and darkens the lips of the smokers. These factors ultimately lessen his confidence and create a sense of insecurity. But vapes come in toothsome vape juices that don't pollute the environment and also let the vaper breathe freely.

Research conducted on the Cariogenic potential of sweet flavours in electronic cigarette liquids states that cigarettes contain arsenic that creates bacteria in the teeth that further lead to cavities. Another study reflects that smoking cigarettes can cause inflammation in the gums that, if not addressed at the right time, lead to periodontal diseases.

How Bad Is Vaping?

Regarding the question “Is vaping bad,” there are multiple factors that play a huge role in making vaping a rising star among smokers and people who are stepping their toes into smoking cessation. Let’s take a closer look at these factors to get a clearer understanding!

Customise Nicotine Strength:

In your smoking cessation, the first thing that you should focus on is controlling your daily nicotine intake, and e-cigarettes can help you do that as they come in zero nicotine strengths. You can manage the zero nicotine strength with a range of toothsome flavours that blend the ratios of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol, which have been scientifically proven safe and edible.

Nicotine doesn’t cause health issues like smoking does, such as cancer and heart disease, but it’s an addictive substance. Many people think that you can overdose on nicotine with e-cigs, but that’s not true. There have not been any instances of poisoning or overdose from using the e-juice. So, you can use e-cigarettes as much as you need to cope with nicotine withdrawal and cravings to smoke.

— In 2016, Dr Andy McEwen, executive director of the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training

Disposable Vapes:

Vapes come in different types, including refillable, reusable, and pod devices. Disposable vapes are the most advanced and prevalent among vapers as they provide the most soothing vaping experience.

They are prefilled and precharged, and now they also come with a rechargeable battery so you can resume your vaping. Some of the most famous and state-of-the-art vape kits include Bloody Mary, Lost Mary, Elux Bar, and Elf Bar, giving you a fuss-free vaping experience.

The reason behind the popularity of disposable kits is their availability in endless delectable flavours. Apart from that, you can get nicotine free vapes, which is a great option for smoking quitters.

Environmental Impact:

Vapes are an eco-friendly option as they heat e-liquids and create vapours instead of cigarettes, which combust tobacco and produce tar. Ecologically, too, vaping is a more convenient option than cigarettes, as traditional cigarettes demand a lot of land, pesticides, and tree cutting down (deforestation) for their production.

Secondhand smoke can cause severe health problems, and there is no safe level of exposure. It can lead to heart and lung diseases and cancer in non-smoking adults. Infants and young children are particularly vulnerable to its harmful effects due to their developing bodies. Smoking destroys not only the health of the ones who are smoking it but also the people who are sitting and even existing around the smoker.

A burned cigarette which is smoked till its butt and wasted then pollutes the environment. These butts destroy aquatic lives and the lives of land animals. The smoke released from a cigarette butt will prove to be a source of destruction as they are made of cellulose acetate; according to research conducted by the National Library of Medicine, it contributes significantly to plastic pollution and can release toxic substances that harm aquatic organisms. While research on the mechanism of microplastic fibre release from smoked cigarette butts is ongoing, it is crucial to comprehend their environmental impact and take steps to mitigate it.

Delectable Vape Flavours:

Vapes can give you your desired nicotine hit along with toothsome eliquids. The eminent reason for the prevalence of vaping devices is the delectable e-liquids that they provide. It has many toothsome flavours ranging from icy hits to berry blends, including scrumptious flavours that will entice your taste buds and give you a satisfying vaping experience.

If you want refreshing flavours, you can choose Watermelon Ice, Peach Ice, or Peach Mango Ice, while if you are into sweet flavours, you can choose Double Apple or Triple Mango. Berry lovers have a wide variety to choose from, as the flavours include Mr Blue, Blueberry Cherry Cranberry, and Blueberry Raspberry. These enticing flavours will give you an unforgettable vaping and help you to make your smoking cessation journey flawless.

Bottom Line!

The battle between vaping and smoking proceeds further to which is toxic, and smoking wins the battle in many ways as it destructs not only the lungs but every part of the body, not just humans but animals and also injurious to aquatic life as it is prone to every pollution, i.e. land, water air. We should shift to better alternatives like disposable vapes to protect not only our health but also the health of the whole ecosystem.