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Smoking is all about that hit and flavour, right? These are the two things that drag you back to smoking once you start trying quitting. We know most of us have been there. A day passes w

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We have seen the vaping industry grow like a topsy in the last decade, it has become the most perfect alternative to smoking, it has helped a lot of smokers to quit smoking. But with thi

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Can we solve the issue of burnt hits?

No problem in this world does not have a solution. What are burnt hits? You know that awkward situation when you take a long puff thinking you’re going to have the best vape, and instead

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A guide for the Newbies.

Well firstly, hello to the world of vaping, you’re going to love it. We understand that when you’re new to vaping everything seem confusing. Tanks, coils, sub-ohm, clearomizers, mods,

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What is a Clearomizer/Coils in Vape?

Vaping in itself is a whole new world of experiences but it becomes a real stranger when there are so many terms that you don’t even have an idea of  what are they ?  How can I use them in m

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