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The Jem Pen Starter kit by Innokin

by Azim Aleem 28 Jul 2020


Another masterpiece by Innokin.

The Jem Pen starter kit is the perfect kit for a smoker trying to quit smoking or who have already done that but still need that cigarette feel. The Jem pen can provide that cigarette feel because it is purely an MTL (Mouth to Lung) vape.
This is a simple device that has the potential to be a favorite of every smoker looking for help while quitting the deadly habit of smoking and also of any newbie just stepping in the vape world.
Let’s have a little discussion about the features of THE JEM PEN.


A simple and classy, built with stainless steel design. Mainly aimed towards new vapers and past smokers. Many simple colours are available like Pink, Blue, Silver, White, Black, and one funky-looking Cosmos design for those who are a little more adventurous.



A built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery is in this device, this battery is more than enough to provide a full day of an amazing vape experience. The power output of this device is 13W which means that the power will stay constant throughout the battery life.
This device also comes with a tri-Colour LED Battery Life Indicator Light.


This device has a 2ml Tank Capacity, easy to refill with a threaded top fill system. Along with this, a juice window is also there. 


The device comes with 2 coils from the Innokin JEM Coil Series with a threaded coil installation.
1.6ohm Kanthal Coil - Optimized for 13W
2.0ohm Ceramic Coil - Optimized for 13W
Both coils deliver good flavour and the life span of these coils is a month or so but it depends on your choice of e-liquids.


Safety protections:

The Innokin Jem Pen AIO Starter Kit is imbued with various end-user protections. Ranging from over-discharge to overheating to high-resistance protections, these safety features give all enthusiasts – but particularly those new to the digital platform – a massive boost of confidence.

Overall performance:

The overall performance of the Jem Pen is pretty spot on. Being an MTL vape device the flavour delivery is really good, the coil life and performance is flawless, vapour production I just how it is supposed to be in an MTL vape.
The fire button works just fine, it has a good click to it. This is a device that will satisfy your cigarette craving and for a newbie, it is all you need to get started.
Without a single doubt, this device is a good choice as a starter kit and it is pretty easy on the pocket too. A device worth a try.


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