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IVG Bar has produced an outstanding collection of 16 disposable devices, each carrying 2ml of delectable E-Liquid. One of the handiest vape kits on the market is the new all-in-one IVG Disposable Device.

The IVG disposable device's design is compact, lightweight, and elegant, making it ideal for vaping on the go. It is also straightforward and suitable for people seeking to make the jump to vaping.

We are so grateful to claim IVG Bar as one of the most trending disposable vape devices. A customer never lies to the other one. So you can check our customer reviews because that will tell you all about our customer-friendly service.

We go the extra mile to keep our customers at ease. You can avail of fantastic offers on placing an order. You can £10 credit on referring the product to your friend and family, and they will like the IVG Bar and its yummy flavours. So, don't wait to contact us if you are confused about the procedure. 

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IVG Bar Disposable Pod Device 600 Puffs:

IVG Bar 600 Puffs is a disposable device that is ready to use just after unboxing. Its 500 mAh battery is super amazing to make the coil functional. It vaporises the e-juice and ends in super cloudy vapours that give your puffs a splendid puffing buzz. The nicotine concentration inside the 2ml e-juice is 20mg, giving your throat a nice smooth hit and avoiding throat irritation.

We offer a wide range of tremendous flavours. It falls in the category of legal nicotine intake because the nicotine concentration is 2% only. So, don't be afraid of losing health and heal your nicotine cravings. At Alectrofag, you can avail the retail price on all the goods, so don't get late to enjoy a safe and swift delivery service. 

IVG Bar 800 Puffs Disposable Vape Device:

IVG Bar allows you up to 800 nicotine puffs in amazingly refreshing and juicy flavours. There is a 500mAh battery installed inside that amazingly works to convert the e-liquid into super cloudy and flavorful puffs. The tank ios prefilled with 2ml e-juice that contains 2% Nicotine salt.

This concentration gives you a super energetic nic puff and makes your day fresh. IVG Bar is specially designed to be held in a bag conveniently. Thus, you can take it to the party or the dinner and inhale it whenever you want. Its draw-activated function makes it more user-friendly so that you can puff whenever you want without any hassle of changing the coil or refilling the e-liquid. 

Flavours of IVG Bar: 

  • Aleo Grape Ice: You should never miss this delicious blend of frozen aloe vera and grapes. It has strong notes of freshness. 
  • Berry Lemonade Ice: Don't miss our unique IVG Bar Disposable vapes flavour. It contains sweet and sour berries and tart lemon drops with an icy hint. 
  • Butter Cookie: Cookie lovers would love this buttery cookie flavour because it contains the real essence of butter and freshly baked cookies. 
  • Vanilla Custard Tobacco: It contains vanilla and tobacco wood essence. This blend tastes like a creamy sweet custard.  
  • Rainbow: You can get the multiple fruit flavour to get the intense punch of deep fruity touch that gives you a relishing feel.  
  • Strawberry Watermelon: Don't forget to taste our IVG Bar in a strawberry watermelon flavour that tastes like sweet and sour strawberries and juicy watermelon to bring a fruity spark to your life. 


IVG Bar is one of the top trending disposable vapes that are now the talk of the town. Our dedication is based on providing you with the most user-friendly disposable vape that can heal your cravings. Don't worry about the delivery issues because we are here for you. If you consider finding the most convenient procedure to buy it, consider our delivery services.

We claim to dispatch your order the same day since that day or a few after you can expect the parcel on your doorstep. So, don't let your nerves function to deal with the queries and contact us to resolve them. We are waiting for you at our online vape shop doing wonders in the vape industry.   

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an IVG bar?

It is a fantastic user-friendly pocket-size disposable vape that will make you feel amazed while enjoying its super yummy flavours. Surprisingly IVG Bar does not burden your budget, so you can buy it and enjoy 600 to 800 nicotine puffs. So go for your choice and trust us because we are the talk of the town because of serving the best quality vapes at the most affordable rates.  

How many puffs are available in an IVG bar?

IVG Bar is available in two different categories, i.e., 600 puffs and 800 puffs disposable vape. So you can pick one that matches your priorities. A wide range of its deliciously juicy flavours maximises the buzz to puff. Its coil participates amazingly in producing super cloudy puffs. 

How much nicotine is in an IVG bar?

IVG Bar contains 2mg nicotine concentration that comes to 2% of the e-liquid. Tobacco Products Directive suggests this concentration. So you can enjoy nicotine puffs without any tension of being harsh for your lungs. Its battery lasts longer until the last puff, so don't worry about its battery performance. This concentration is entirely able to give your a nice touch of nicotine.

What is Nic salt?

Nic Salt is the original form of nicotine that is naturally extracted from tobacco wood. It does not hurt like the lab transformed nicotine. It is used in the e-liquids of the vapes. This ingredient gives you almost the same buzz of nicotine that one enjoys in smoking traditional cigarettes. So, it is preferable to inhale Nic salt than smoking regular cigarettes.  

How long does an 800 puff bar last?

An 800 puff bar last eight to ten days. Moreover, it depends on some other factors as well. Battery quality and environmental temperature are two significant factors that let the device last longer. Vapes like IVG Bar lies in the list of considerations in terms of long-lasting and efficient battery performance devices.  

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IVG Bar Disposable vape Kits

Nic Strength
  • 500mAh
  • 2ml
  • 20mg
  • 3 For £10
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  • 800 Puffs
  • 2ml
  • 20mg
  • 3 For £10
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  • 800 Puffs
  • 2ml
  • 20mg
  • 800 Puffs
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