After winning the hearts of e-liquid enthusiasts, IVG (I Vape Great) has introduced its remarkable disposable vape series. We are excited to bring you the latest, most innovative, and excellent quality IVG Bar vapes, from the 600-puff kits to its latest high-puff IVG 2400 device. The one-time-use vapes are equipped with exceptional batteries and robust anti-leak tanks. Its disposable puff bars come prefilled and precharged, eradicating the need for messy refillings and fiddly rechargings. You will enjoy smooth and consistent flavour & vapour production and MTL draws due to the high-quality mesh coils integrated into IVG disposable vapes. With their impressive design, ultra-modern technology, and portability, the IVG disposable vape will give you a facile and unbeatable experience. IVG is a three-time International Winner of the ‘Best UK Brand’ award. Enjoy the most satisfying vaping sensation with the Alectrofag vape shop.