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SMOK Morph 2 230W Starter Kit

by Azim Aleem 03 Dec 2020

Uwell is a brand primarily associated with flavor-rich high-quality vape tanks. Currently their product line includes several engineering accomplishments such as the Valyrian, the Crown and the Nunchaku, and as well as many others. Uwell's Pro-FOCS technology used in most of their products is what makes them the top brass when it comes to the vaping industry.

Uwell is no stranger to a funky little pod package with recent achievements such as Caliburn G, Koko, Crown Pod and Valyrian Pod. Let’s start by breaking down the Uwell Aeglos 60W Pod Mod Kit and explore its many features:

Quality & Design

The device is built from a lightweight aluminum compound, the AEGLOS Pod Mod Kit case was built for endurance whilst holding a convenient and conservative structural composition. The kit feels ergonomic within your palms and is absurdly comfortable and quite sturdy and solid in the grand scheme of things.

Color Range

You are given a wide selection of colors to make your selection, each color being accordingly suited and adaptive to the product. (Gold, Grey, Red, Black, and Blue)












Uwell Aeglos 60W Pod Mod Kit is equipped with self-cleaning technology that absorbs the e-liquid within the condensation holder which inevitably boosts up the texture of your desired flavor.


The primary power button can be located on the front-side whilst at the bottom end you can find the +/-buttons.

Battery Life:

The astounding power capacity of 1500mAh provides you with a steady and long-lasting production of 5-60W. The Mod-Kit comes with a 2A fast charging system and USB Type-C fast charging port that greatly reduces the time required to charge whilst simultaneously enhancing the overall out-put duration.

Pod and Coils:

The Aeglos Kit is a pocket-sized pod system. The coil can be substituted for longer use at lower costs. The Pro-FOCS flavor testing technology gives you a pleasing and saturated taste.

  • 0.8ohm Coil UN2 Meshed-H Coil (Tight draw and present excellent aroma)

  • 0.23ohm UN2 Meshed-H Coil (smooth air flow and give original flavor)

Highlights on some of the other special features of the device!

  • 2 ml e-liquid filling capacity

  • Adjustable airflow valve

  • Push and Pull coil system

  • Top filling E-liquid system

  • Puff Counter (to monitor your frequency)

  • MTL and DTL settings


The Aeglos pod mod kit is more compact and lighter than other products with the same shape factor. Added with a compact 0.96-inch OLED screen to visualize the necessary statistics.

Final Thoughts:

The Uwell Aeglos 60W Pod Mod Kit is a banger for its price. It is cost-effective, durable, and incredibly functional in comparison to its competition; thus, making it worth grabbing!

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