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by Azim Aleem 24 Jul 2020

Here we have everyone, the sleek and elegant pod kit of the century. Along with the beautiful looks, this VOOM starter kit also works like magic.

Let’s discuss this beauty in some more detail down below:


This kit is designed to be slim, sleek, and compact with some smooth edges. It is built with zinc alloy with apple standard oxidation process, giving it a nice feel when in hand and a cobblestone-like grip, mimics the smoker's gesture of holding cigarettes. An ergonomic device for sure.

Color range:

Three beautiful colors are available which serve every single age group. The colors are dark gray, champagne gold, and rose gold.


Here is the actual deal, this device has an outstanding performance. You’re going to love the vaping experience with this device. Grade black ceramic core atomization technology can achieve the ultimate atomization effect, producing smooth vapors and a smooth throat hit.

Along with Just the right nicotine hit that you need. Plus, the flavor comes out amazing too.

Battery Life:

The concern of all vapers! The battery life of this device is on-spot too. A 320MAh built-in battery with a 3.1V voltage output and a USB charging port at the bottom. This battery life will provide heavy vapers, a full day of amazing vaping experience. And for normal vapers, you’re good for almost 3 days with one charge.

As far as the levels of battery are concerned, there are colors of the indicator that shows battery status: Red for less than 30%, Blue for 30%-70%, White for more than 70%.


As simple as it can get, this device is simply draw-activated. No button hassle and no worries to remember which button does what.


9 different flavor pods, 1.2ml each. 1 Tobacco-Flavor Pod, 20mg/g 2% Nic Salt comes with the box and easy magnet attachment. Two gold-plated electrodes are used inside the body, which is matched with two traditional magnets to connect the smoke pod.

No mess of spilling e-juice everywhere. Just take the pod and place it on the device and Woop! It’s on. Each pod-fluid is equivalent to 10 tobacco cigarettes.

Coil: 1.2 Ω ceramic coil resistance is also there.


The size of VOOM starter kit really allows you to carry this device with you anywhere, it is so slim and compact that it can even fit in the pocket of your jeans. Take it with you anywhere.


Our Thoughts:

Well, we all know what our thoughts are going to be, this device is just perfect. Ease of use, class and style, oh so amazing vape experience and whatnot. It is simply a dream come true with all these features. Plus, this device works really well with smokers too because of the cigarette-like throat hit and the grip as well.

VOOM starter kit is definitely worth a try.  

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