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Menthol Cigarettes Banned in UK?

by Azim Aleem 16 May 2020


  • Menthol Cigarettes will be banned from the 20th of May
  • Ban applies to menthol cigarettes including those which contain mint flavoured capsules.
  • E-Cigarettes will not be affected by the ban in any way
  • Menthol Cigarettes are due to be banned this month as a means to reduce the appeal of tobacco. The government aims to use this measure as a method to reduce the number of smokers and to deter any potential smokers with a particular focus on younger people.

    When will Menthol Cigarettes be banned?

    The ban is set to come into effect next week on 20th of May 2020. The ban originated from a new EU TPD directive, UK’s exit from the European Union will not affect the legislation which is planned to go live as planned.

    The Law aims to remove flavourings from tobacco to ensure no other forms of taste apart from the characteristic tobacco taste is available for purchase.

    There has been an attempt from the Tobacco industry to appeal the ban with Marlboro, manufactured by Philip Morris appealing for a law change. This request has been swiftly rejected by the European Court of Justice.

    Are Menthol Cigarettes Safer?

    There has been a myth related to menthol cigarettes with some believing that they are less harmful than traditional tobacco, currently there is no evidence which suggests that notion.

    Menthol Cigarettes can help attract new smokers as the menthol in cigarettes relaxes the airways making the cigarette smoke less harsh alongside making the flavour more appealing.

    Make the switch

    We strongly support the menthol cigarette ban, the use of menthol has been for long used by the tobacco industry as a way to attract people towards smoking.

    If you are a smoker who is affected by this ban or looking to quit smoking to improve your health, we wholeheartedly recommend the switch to vaping.

    Vaping has been endorsed by the NHS as well as Public Health England, with the letter stating it’s 95% safer than smoking. Studies show that vaping is 2x as effective as any other nicotine replacement therapy. Many smokers have seen a lot of success with vaping. With many options aimed at beginners, ranging from devices aimed at replicating the sensation of smoking, to a plethora of e-liquids with a countless selection of flavours. Making the switch is as seamless as you can imagine.

    Discover our selection of products hand picked for beginners and make the switch today for a healthier tomorrow.

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