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The 4th day of July 2020

by Azim Aleem 30 Jun 2020

We are all eager to meet our relatives, to go out of the house, to enjoy restaurant food and for everything we weren’t able to do for the past almost 4 months.

Why the ease in lock-down?

The government of England has decided to allow people to live a normal life after many months of strict lockdown by easing out some of the restrictions. Because lifting the lock down all at once is neither sensible nor safe. The government has decided from 4th of July,


  • The two-metre rule will be loosen to one-metre plus, this means that if you’re in the two-metre or less circle you should reduce the risk of transmission by wearing a mask and gloves.
  • Families will be allowed to visit each other. however, only members from one family at a time will be allowed to visit the other.
  • Social-distancing will be observed strictly, avoiding hugs, hand-shakes and any sort of close contact.
  • Weddings will also be allowed to take place again but with a maximum of 30 guests. Rules of social-distancing will be followed.
  • Pubs, Bars, Restaurants and Hotels all also allowed to trade again.
  • Is the virus no more?

    Ease of lockdown is not at all because the world is not under the threat of this virus anymore. It is just to give people an easy life because the lockdown has started causing mental health issues and this is a threat in itself. Unnecessary outings and meetings should still be avoided as much as possible. Going out in public places like malls and grocery shops should still be minimum and pre-planned so you don’t have to go out again and again.

    How vaping can help?

    Being at home all day long is tough and we know it, and for smokers it can be even tough because they can’t get cigarettes one after another. Vaping helps because you can just invest in a good device maintain the cleanliness of it, buy some bottles of different e-liquid flavors and you’re all set. Plus, it helps to maintain a safer way to calm the need of smoking. Vaping can also help because trying new flavors can be a fun activity to pass time.


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