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Are vape shops open in Covid 19?

by Azim Aleem 09 May 2020

At this time many vapers might be worried about having timely access to their vaping supplies, As a result of government measures, vape shops are now closed across the UK. There have been steps to address this with the vaping industry lobbying to classify vape shops as essential due to their link to tobacco harm reduction but at this moment in time the effort has not been fruitful.

All of Alectrofag locations have been temporarily closed in order to comply with the government instructions and to protect the well being and safety of our staff and local community. However we are not leaving you stranded.

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  • Our online store is trading as usual, we’re working hard to ensure all orders are dispatched on time to ensure every vaper gets what they need to keep away from smoking.

    Furthermore, in order to help our local customer base we have introduced same day local delivery in the Liverpool & Ellesmere Port area. Ordering from the shop is done through the phone. Simply call your local store to arrange your order along with the delivery, there are limited delivery slots per day so we advise calling the shop :

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    We have taken every possible precaution to prevent the spread of coronavirus from our facilities to our customers. Even though Public Health England stated that there is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted from pracels, we are not taking any chances from our end. You can read our COVID-19 prevention police here

    We do our best to ensure all of our orders are fulfilled and dispatched on schedule, however there might be some minor delay’s as we are dealing with a large number of orders compared to our usual turnover. We strongly recommend monitoring Royal Mail’s status as well to anticipate any delays from their side.

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