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Better Health - Every Mind Matters

by web listing 10 Nov 2020

The UK is currently struggling to handle the second wave of the coronavirus. The virus is spreading rampantly all over England and refusing to stagnate.

So, lockdown 2.0 had a focal purpose to limit the virus as soon as possible by implementing national restrictions. National Health Service (NHS) has published its guidelines in detail about the nature of these restrictions.

The Public Health England (PHE), has launched a new campaign recently.


Aim of the Campaigns

  • To support the healthcare of young children & adults
  • To give tips and advices in regards to mental health
  • To provide health care workers with up-to date knowledge
  • To support the parent-children relation
  • To remove, fear and anxiety
  • To educate the masses on the adequate hygienic measures

NHS top five tips to support children and young people mental health

  1. Listen to what the youth has to say
  2. Be a prominent presence in their life
  3. Support healthy & positive routines
  4. Encourage their interests & well calculated decisions
  5. Take what they say seriously

How to look after your mental well-being?

  • Stay Connected with others
  • Look after yourself
  • Indulge in new practices

NHS England Associate National Clinical Director for Children and Young People’s Mental Health, Professor Prathiba Chitsabesan said:

“Parents, care takers, teachers and students should also be reassured that the NHS has been and will continue to be there for everyone with concerns about their mental health, whether through 24/7 crisis support lines, video and phone consultations, or face to face appointments”

Better Health - Every Mind Matters campaign, will be progressed and supported through social media, involving press and radio. The targeted demographic is the children and young people from age ranges of 5-18, including parents as well.

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