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Lockdown 2.0 due to Covid-19: What Prime Minister Says?

Recently, Covid-19 looming threat has raised several potential health impacts in England. The daily rise in new cases and severity of infectious patients finally lead health authorities to give an alarming situation.


Boris Johnson, the prime minister of UK says:

“we are going to face medical and moral disaster, if specific measures are not taken appropriately”

Considering the situation, British parliament supported and approved the Prime minister suggestion of a month lockdown by implementing the National health Service (NHS) guidelines.

It has been started from today until December 2.

Lockdown 2.0 will be differing as from the first lockdown in March, in a sense of relieving the sustainment and stability of economy at the same time. It is not the shuttering of everything!

So, this lockdown is replacing the local restrictions with the “national restrictions”. The main purpose of this is to limit movement and travelling, while closing the unnecessary shops and venues.

Prime minister further claims that:

“The Virus will end automatically after four weeks”

So, in times of such social distancing one must have to play his part in limiting and controlling of the virus by following the guidelines advocated by the government.

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