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Sustainable Strategy is required: to tackle Covid-19 in the UK

by web listing 12 Nov 2020

Recent correspondence from “The Lancet”, highlights the increasing prevalence of the coronavirus in the UK. According to the data, 60,051 deaths have been occurred due to the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-CoV-2) infection.

As of November 4, the confirmed number of daily reported cases were 215,177.

Unfortunately, things are only getting worse because the amount of daily infected patients has increased by two-folds, with the expected number of people who will lose their lives to COVID-19 has now risen to 12,000 this month, as opposed to the previous weeks, where the number of people who succumbed to the disease was around 2,067.

“The majority of people who have already been infected”

Moreover, 1400 new hospitalized patients in England on a daily basis have raised alarming situations for the health care facilities and services.

The recent “Lockdown 2.0” is a last resort measure in an attempt to control the situation. No doubt, the lockdown has several impacts on everyday-life and primarily the country’s economy as well.

To control the second wave isn’t impossible, as we figured ourselves out of the first one, but here are several approaches we need to consider.

  • To learn from the mistakes that were initially made (these past 9 months)
  • To actively participate in controlling the virus
  • To follow the national restrictions & guidelines
  • To prevent outdoor activities unless absolutely necessary

Mental health is also becoming a major concern among children and young adults. In light of this, the Public Health of England has already launched a new campaign to support mental health, and that the matter is to be treated as high priority.

It’s a hostile situation all around and it has affected all of us to some extent. It’s important during times like these to remind ourselves that panic is never the best course of action. Instead, it’s imperative that we remain calm and composed and tackle this deadly pathogen while remaining clear-headed which isn’t easy, in these trying times but like always, mankind will prevail.

7 Evidence-based Strategies to Avoid Repeated Lockdown


To conclude, we need a united front and a collaborative effort from people of all nations to tackle this global coronavirus pandemic. The interoperability of data and resources will help in strengthening the policies and other public health care sectors, meanwhile ensuring a step forward for better health to all.

“Every Brain Matters”

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