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Alectrofag is trading online as usual in Lockdown 2.0

by web listing 05 Nov 2020

From today onwards “Lockdown 2.0” will take over up to a month almost. The national restrictions will be implemented all over the England, limiting the movement and travelling purposefully.

You can still move to shop, for education and in need of urgency. However, the unnecessary business, venues and shops will be closed!!!

No need to worry about your vape supplies, we are right beside you during this whole time-period. We are just one click away from you, visit and contact freely to Alectrofag team to place your orders.

Your required needs will be fulfilled satisfactorily as per demand.

Why to shop from Alectrofag:

  • Money back guarantee.
  • Same day dispatch.
  • Free UK delivery on orders above £20.
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