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Lockdown in England and Alectrofag?

by web listing 04 Nov 2020

The resurgence of Covid-19 again intensified the issue of public health safety in UK. Following the severity in infected patients and recording of new cases the UK government as per the National Health Service (NHS) has decided to apply national restrictions all over the England.

To limit the spread of virus and to ensure healthy environment by saving lives is the top most priority of health organizations and should be the sole responsibility of everyone.

In England from Thursday 5 November until 2 December, you must stay at home.

To leave home is only allowed for specific reasons like:

  • For Education
  • For work, if you cannot do from home
  • For exercise and recreation with 1 person from another household
  • For medical reasons, appointments
  • To shop for food and essentials
  • To provide care to others as a volunteer

While National Restrictions says:

  • Non-essential shops will not open
  • Leisure and entertainment venues will all be closed
  • Pubs, bars and restaurants must close, except for takeaway and delivery services

These measures will be implemented and monitored by law, giving concerned authorities full power in hands like police, traffic wardens etc. So, in order to avoid any potential disturbance and the respected consequences, one should must obey the above-mentioned recommendations to help the government in this take-care approach.


Alectrofag will support actively During this Smart Lockdown! But How?

During this adverse time, keeping in view the law and regulatory bodies, Alectrofag will stand actively with the vaping community to fulfil their required needs on time by delivering the vaping products of desired choices including e-liquids, flavors, vape kits etc.

You can simply visit for placing orders, and in a short time-period the products will knock on your doors! Sounds Cool isn’t it?

Alectrofag team always committed to ensure:

  • Quick and best services
  • Efficient Customer Support
  • On-time delivery
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