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Lockdown 2.0

by web listing 05 Nov 2020

From today’s onward till December 2, there will be the national restrictions all over the England. The lockdown 2.0 is actually the name given to this lockdown as it is following the first lockdown that was uplifted in June of this year.

The basic aim of this lockdown is to control and limit the virus which is significantly rising from past few weeks across the whole United Kingdom. The local restrictions are decided to be replaced with much broad-spectrum national restrictions.

The major role of this “lockdown 2.0” is to:

  • Limit people movement
  • Close certain venues and business
  • Moving is purposeful only

Don’t be afraid!

You can move around the city for specific reasons. School and colleges will remain open by following the guidelines and SOPs. There will be no restriction on moving for work, if you are not be able to do so by home. Health care facilities including hospital and pharmacies will remain open. Only the recreational places such as pubs, bars and restaurants will remain closed except for takeaways and deliveries.

So, it is not like as the first lockdown in a sense of its smarter approach. One can move easily with genuine reasons and cause, like for exercise, walk, pet refreshment etc. One person of another household as a companion is also allowed. Only mass gatherings and saturation around the city is prohibited strictly. Likewise, on funerals 30 people are allowed while weddings and civil partnerships are not allowed except in urgency.

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