Elf Bar V2

Witness the magic of Elf Bar V2, which has taken the disposable vape world by storm, finding its way into the pockets of vape enthusiasts with its modernity and convenience. The vaping kit is designed with the advanced QUAQ mesh material, which intensifies the flavour and creates an incredibly smooth cloud. The integrated battery capacity of 360mAh and the QUAQ mesh material introduce a totally different line of disposable kits.

This disposable e-cig provides a great MTL vaping experience with an incredible 50/50 VG/PG blend, ensuring a smoother throat hit. Carefully designed for former smokers, Elf Bar 2 aims to replicate a smoking-like experience without reverting to traditional cigarettes.

Get your hands on this impeccably stylish vape kit from the Alectrofag vape shop without breaking the bank!