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Why alectrofag is the best vape shop online?

by Azim Aleem 16 May 2020


Alectrofag has been trading since 2015, from humble beginnings in Liverpool to where we are today. With a number of locations across the North West and London, now our focus is online. With changes in trends and unforeseen complications caused by the recent pandemic, our goal is to cement our position as the best vape shop online in 2020.

Alectrofag is a family business founded by real vapers, all of us are ex smokers who successfully ditched the habit, we are on a mission to help more people live a healthier life by quitting smoking and making the switch. We serve beginners and more advanced user’s alike, our inventory caters to those looking for starter kits & liquids as well as seasoned vapers who are looking for more powerful devices or accessories. Have a browse and see for yourself why we are the best vape shop online.


We stock the newest kits & liquids from the top manufacturers on the market, whenever you’re into pre-filled 10ml’s, nic salts, shortfills or CBD, we have it. See for yourself by exploring the filters on our website to discover the best product for your needs.

We believe that we are the best vape shop online as we provide new deals on a weekly basis, from discounts and multi buy offers, to weekly deals on the newest products to hit the market, subscribe to our newsletter to never miss when we drop a new offer. By joining the alectrofag you get a 20% discount for all purchases online!


Whenever you’re unsure about what product to get or have a technical question, we’re there for you. Vaping can be complicated, we get it. That’s why if you ever in doubt, feel free to drop us a message on Facebook, Instagram or Email.w We will get back to you within minutes and our team of experts will be able to give you industry leading advice.

Being the best vape shop online, we pride ourselves with having a highly knowledgeable staff, our team members are avid vapers who have years of knowledge in all aspects of the craft. Give alectrofag a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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