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The end of vaping in Australia?

by Azim Aleem 07 Jul 2020

As we have all heard that from 1st of July the government of Australia has decided to ban the import of most E-cigarettes in their country. It will be illegal to import e-cigarettes, e-liquids and salts containing nicotine; strict action will be taken against anyone who violates the law.

The new law includes


  • A visit to the doctor and a prescription will be needed to purchase nicotine-containing e-cigarettes or refills.
  • Prescription holders would still be interdicted from buying the devices from abroad, themselves.
  • Doctors and medical suppliers will be responsible for the import of vaporizers and refills that contain nicotine. This will be done via courier or cargo service but, with the permission of the health care department.
  • This ban on the import of nicotine-containing devices along with refills will be added together with the existing bans on their sale in each state and territory.
  • If anyone’s caught breaching the law, he/she will be charged a hefty amount of money as a fine.
  • Our Perspective

    Vaping has been around from years now and we have actually seen the good that it brings out. It helped people who couldn’t quit smoking even when they were using Nicotine patches and gums.

    A study found out that 18% of ex-smokers who switched to e-cigarettes were still smoke-free for a complete year. In comparison to 9.9% of those who switched to nicotine patches. We can see the perceptible percentage difference here, right?

    It is nearly impossible for smoker/vapers to just desist vaping. Especially if it is something that helped them quit smoking which was actually a bigger threat to their lives.

    Another concern that should be considered is that charging a heavy fine for buying nicotine e-liquids and e-cigarettes will promote dealing on the black market.

    We all know that the products sold on the black market have no warning labels or instructions for safe usage. So, risks of unknown and inconsistent levels of nicotine are much higher.

    These laws will result in more harm because with all these restrictions, a smoker who used e-cigarettes as an alternative will eventually go back to smoking because it is legal and easily accessible.

    Although according to the recent findings vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking.

    The decision for this ban must be reappraised because in the thought of refraining the use of nicotine the government may be initiating some even more weighty problems.

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