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Be Aware Of The Black Market!

by Azim Aleem 26 Aug 2020

We have been in this trap since the longest we can even remember. At times even we don’t know if we’re actually buying from the black market.

To be careful onwards we first need to know


  • What is black market?
  • What is black market?
  • Vape Black market.
  • The consequences we have faced
  • Conclusion
black market

Why it exists?

Black markets are also called shadow markets, It’s the spot where people go when they want to exchange goods or services that are forbidden by governments.

Black markets stand up when people don't want to pay any taxes on the deals for legal or illegal goods or services.

Here’s a list of reasons for the existence of Black Markets

why it exits

Licensure-Driven Black-Market Conditions

The certifying limitations that governments impose on several professions cause some workers to enter the black market because they simply can't afford to invest a fortune to obtain the obligatory licenses for that profession.

Trade-Driven Black-Market Conditions

At times people in black market work illegally just because they lack the skill to work legally and are in a desperate need to make money, these dealers don't report their jobs or income to the government.

Regulations-Driven Black-Market Conditions

Another reason for black markets to appear is when the government imposes regulations like price ceilings create shortages. Governments can also cause black markets through overregulation.

Economy-Driven Black-Market Conditions

The high rate of joblessness can also give rise to black markets. When employees can't find jobs in the above-ground economy they then turn to jobs in the underground economy.

Vape Black market:

Just like any other black market we have Vape black markets too. These markets sell vape products that are not laboratory tested or that are not made out of good quality products.

Vape black markets sell, e-liquids, kits, accessories and much more but nothing is tested or approved as safe by anyone. It’s simply a risk.

The consequences we have faced:

Black market products have done much harm to many vapers in the past.

Vapers faced lungs sickness in the past and that was linked to vaping that vaping was the reason behind these injuries.

A new study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) supports the doubt that vitamin E acetate has played an important role in the recent outburst of respiratory disease among vapers.

Vitamin E acetate is an additive used to thicken and dilute cannabis extracts. It is used in many skincare products but it is prohibited to inhale this substance, and vaping is all about inhaling.

The CDC examined fluid samples taken out of lungs from 29 hospitalized patients in 10 states and spotted the additive in each one of them.

Inhaling vitamin E acetate can lead to lipoid pneumonia and many related illnesses.

CDC is now considering the thickening agent as a very strong culprit behind this outbreak. Vitamin E acetate was even found in many THC e-liquids.

"Among 23 patients for whom self-reported THC use information was available, 20 reported using THC-containing products."

Another quote from a study states clearly that the cause was actually buying vape products from prohibited sources.

"These findings reinforce CDC's recommendation that persons should not use e-cigarette, or vaping, products containing THC, especially those obtained from informal sources such as friends or family, or those from the illicit market, where product ingredients are unknown or can be highly variable"

The new study says

"Until the relationship of vitamin E acetate and lung health is better characterized, it is important that vitamin E acetate not be added to e-cigarette, or vaping, products."

Another CDC study published highlights the potential hazards of black-market THC vapes and other vape products sold on black market.

"Had higher odds of reporting exclusive and frequent use of THC-containing products and obtaining these products from informal sources, such as a dealer, off the street, or from a friend, and of using Dank Vapes, a class of largely counterfeit THC-containing products."

It is easy to say that vaping is the actual cause but it was hard to find the actual cause. Vaping has been here for decades now and the illness started after vape products and kit got banned in some places or when they were not easily accessible from trusted retailers.


We just need to know that will continue to exist as long as we have regulations and taxes. Laws that stop people from buying and selling the goods and services they want.

In the case of vape products the bans and restriction on trusted companies and dealer is just causing more harm. Many vapers lost their lives and many were about to. Vapers need to understand what products they need to buy and from where.

Always reach out for trusted retailers and companies that are selling vape products. Never compromise just because you see someplace is selling the products at less price because saving them few pennies can cost you a life.


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