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Why there shouldn’t be a ban on vaping?

by Azim Aleem 25 Aug 2020

Before answering this question, we need to be clear about vaping, because if we’re not clear we can’t really support or go against the vape ban.

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What is vaping?

so, vaping is heating a substance to a point where it releases vapours. Heating and completely burning are two different things, smoking includes burning and vaping includes heating.

Vaping uses E-liquids to work, we heat up the e-liquid which is purely made up of food-grade products like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. These e-liquids are heated up in a device known as a vape device, can be a pen, can be a pod and can be a mod.

A vape device uses a battery to heat up a coil which then converts the e-juice into vapours.

Vape fluids have nicotine in them for people who smoke and anyone who wants nicotine in their e-liquids otherwise, there’s an open choice for 0mg nicotine as well.

what is vaping

Now the changes that we have seen after vaping:

Vaping has been around since 2003 and we should not deny that we have seen many changes from that time until now.

Vaping has helped millions of smokers to quit that deadly smoking habit around the world. It has helped people get a better understanding of why smoking is not okay. Why it should be stopped.

Vaping has saved many lives when Nicotine Replacement therapies and other counselling methods were not working. Smokers were so helpless that they couldn’t figure out what to do, that was the time vaping helped them save their own lives.

Vaping has helped protect so many youngsters from getting into the bog of smoking.

Vaping has really served humanity since 2003 and is willing to serve in the coming times.

Why it should or shouldn’t be banned?

Well, its clear that vaping shouldn’t be banned because of these reasons.

1. Do we want the smoker to go back and step in the mouth of death?

Vaping saved many smokers from going back to that smoking habit. If vaping is banned what will happen? Smokers who switch to vaping will eventually go back to smoking because smoking is legal in most parts of the world.

It will again put the same danger on their lives. They will once again get close to death just because an alternative that is proven to be 95% safer than smoking has been banned.

2.The black-market will get the profit!

This one is pretty obvious. If vaping will be banned then people who vape will of course, look for places where they can buy their vaping products.

The black-market we all know is not a safe place because the products sold there are not safe or tested. They can have substances that can harm a human in a really bad way and can even cause death.

In one way or the other, by putting a ban on buying vaping products legally and from a trusted retailer it will just promote buying these products from other resources like, black-market.

3. Are we guiding the kids towards smoking?

What else will the ban do? Kids nowadays vape because they know smoking can harm them. Many of them have actually stopped themselves from smoking with the help of vaping.

Do you know why kids smoking became an issue in the past? Because kids are curious beings and to keep up with life and their surroundings, they started smoking.

Do we want that back by putting a ban on an alternative that is 95% safer?


Putting a ban on e-cigarettes or any vaping products is simply the worst thing that can be done at this time. It’ll cause so many deaths and so many people and youngsters will start to smoke again.

If the reason is the nicotine intake then we don’t think intake and addiction of a not so harmful substance are as life-threatening as burning around 7000 chemicals and then inhaling them. 70 of them are cancerous.

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