A Complete Guide On What Are Nic Salts?

The vaping industry has been revolutionised; the landscape is dotted with new trends and technologies that grab vape aficionados' and newcomers' attention. One such vape product that has gained momentum in recent years is the emergence of nicotine salts, or “nic salts” for short. But a question springs into mind: what are nic salts? Why are they creating a stir in the vaping community?

Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty details of these vape juices, unravelling the mysteries behind this fascinating phenomenon!

What Are Nic Salts?

Before jumping into the details, the most important thing to know about “what is nic salt” is to get a comprehensive understanding!

“Nicotine Salts are a different type of nicotine than the one found in the tobacco plant's leaves. Unlike the traditional nicotine used in regular vape juices, known as freebase nicotine, these vape liquids are formed by combining nicotine with benzoic acid. This bonding process creates a stable product with a lower pH than freebase nicotine. This lower pH level contributes to a smoother and less harsh throat hit, offering a more satisfying and enjoyable vaping experience.”

Nicotine Salts VS Freebase Nicotine

After knowing “what is nicotine salt”, let’s discover the basic difference between nic salt and freebase nicotine. Conventional nicotine is called freebase nicotine. It has a higher pH and delivers an extremely strong throat hit while also causing flavours to be muted somehow. Freebase nicotine is good for vapers looking for more potent hits.

On the other hand, if you want bold flavours with rapid delivery, you should opt for nic salts. In nicotine salts, the nicotine found in tobacco leaves is extracted in its purest form and then blended with benzoic acid to provide a smoother throat hit with the quickest bloodstream absorption rate.

These e liquids come with multiple delectable flavours, from fruity and refreshing menthols to dessert-inspired and many more. You can choose the one that suits your taste buds!

Beneficial Aspects Of Nicotine Salts

Here are some top advantages of these vape liquids:

  • Absorb quickly into the body and provide long-lasting craving satisfaction. This isn’t a bluff! According to research, nicotine salt e-liquids were absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream.
  • Provide classic, complex, and bold flavours.
  • Offer smoother throat hits as compared to traditional e-juices.
  • They aren’t harsh when it comes to higher nicotine strengths.
  • Affordable - you need to vape less to satisfy your cravings.

How To Use Nic Salts?

After getting a thorough knowledge of “what is salt nicotine,” it’s time to know how to use nic salts. Using these vape juices is relatively easy and simple, and the process is similar to using regular vape liquids. Nic-salt vape liquids are available in various nicotine strengths, typically ranging from 10mg/ml to 20mg/ml. They are also manufactured with a balanced ratio of PG/VG (50/50). That’s why they are recommended for use with low-powered vape kits,including starter kits, Vape pens, or Vape pods system.

To use these e-liquids, fill your kit’s pod or tank with the desired nicotine strength and flavour e-juice. Allow the coil to saturate for a few minutes to ensure optimal flavour delivery and performance. Once the coil is properly primed, it’s time to start vaping. Ensure not to overload vape tank to avoid leakage issues and enjoy the utmost vaping experience.

Nic Salt VS E Liquid

One of the key distinctions in the vaping world lies in the comparison between nicotine salts and conventional e-liquids. Here are a few differences between them:

The primary difference is the form of nicotine used. Traditional e-juices contain freebase nicotine with a higher pH, resulting in stronger throat hits, especially at higher nicotine levels.

On the other hand, nic salt has a lower pH level, offering mild throat hits even at higher nicotine strengths. This makes these e-juices an attractive option for vapers who want a more satisfying nicotine experience without the discomfort often associated with freebase nicotine.

Here’s the basic difference between these two vape juices in tabular form to get a better understanding:


Nic Salts

Conventional E-juices

Absorption Rate

Faster absorption in the body

Slower absorption

Throat Hit

Smoother, Less harsh

Stronger, More pronounced

Device Compatibility

Suited for low-wattage devices

Suitable for various devices

User experience

Micmics the sensation of smoking

Varied experience, Stronger throat hit

Are Nic Salts Better?

Whether these vape liquids are better than traditional ones is subjective and depends on individual preferences and vaping goals. Nic salt provides a mild throat hit and the ability to vape higher nicotine concentrations without being too harsh. This will make them an excellent choice for those transitioning from smoking to vaping or for vapers who crave a more potent throat hit.

However, it’s essential to consider the trade-offs. Depending on individual preferences, nic-salt may be preferable for some users, but it may not suit everyone’s taste. Some vapers require a stronger throat hit, and some opt for multiple flavour options in traditional e-liquids. But don’t fret! The vaping industry is wider than you think. You can jump into our vape juice catalogue and choose the e-liquid of your choice!

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Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salt

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Crystal Pro Max Nic Salt

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Bottom Line!

In the dynamic world of vaping, nic salts are prevalent as a compelling option for those looking for a mild and more potent nicotine buzz. As we have already discussed, the intricacies of nicotine salts, from their chemical composition to their functional use, make it clear that they offer a unique set of advantages that cater to specific preferences.