Elfliq Nic Salts

Hit the spot of flavour explosion with this premium nic salt range, which promises the taste of paradise with a smooth throat hit. These e-liquids are manufactured by the famous Elf Bar, showcasing immense craftsmanship with the balanced ratio of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin, i.e. 50/50 for intense flavour with discreteness. The Nic Salt is ideal for Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping as it is designed specifically for ex-smokers so that they can mimic a smoking-like experience and get an incredibly satisfying throat hit. An equal ratio of the VG/PG makes this e-liquid compatible with low-powered devices like starter kits and pod systems that are perfect for both seasoned vapers and hobbyists. So, don't wait—rush order this incredible Elf Juice from the Alectrofag vape store. Experience the difference it makes!