How To Choose The Right Nicotine Strength In A Vape?

As the vaping industry is proliferating in the United Kingdom, many individuals are shifting to vaping from smoking. According to an NHS report, vaping is one of the best ways to quit smoking. Moreover, due to the immense popularity of vape kits, one of the challenging questions is the appropriate consumption of nicotine.

This blog will discuss a clear explanation and guidelines for choosing the best nicotine strength for this concern. So that users will curb their nicotine cravings while picking the desired nicotine content. 

Before a guide to select the right nicotine ratio, it is important to understand the traditional nicotine and its usage in different domains.

Overview of Conventional Nicotine In a Vape:

Nicotine is a component directly associated with a family of compounds known as alkaloids found in various plants, like potatoes, tomatoes, etc. The high concentration found in tobacco plants is very similar to cocaine and coffee, which include nitrogen.

It is used in medicines, drugs, traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and several others. Moreover, nicotine boosts your body’s functions and releases chemicals in the brain. Specifically, dopamine promotes your pleasure and satisfaction and improves your mood.

One of the significant uses of nicotine is in vape kits, termed electronic cigarettes. They come with varied nicotine concentrations, allowing users to pick their preferred strength depending on their craving level.

Importance of Nicotine in Vaping Kits:

According to the research issued in the Journal of Tobacco, reported that 14.3% of cigarette smokers have shifted to vaping in one year. This is because vaping is a safer smoking alternative and contains less harmful components.

One of the leading elements of vaping kits is e liquids, a combination of PG, VG, nicotine (optional) and flavours. Of all, nicotine is the primary ingredient that will make vapers more satisfying and pleasurable. Also, it is an addictive component which makes you feel uncomfortable when there is an inappropriate consumption.

Leading Variants of Nicotine:

There are two commonly interchangeable nicotine variants. They are different from one another in their features.

  • Freebase Nicotine: This is the same as traditional nicotine, which contains a higher pH and delivers satisfactory vaping. It sometimes mutes the flavour sensation and is good for those searching for stronger, harsh throat hits. It is one of the most commonly used in cigarettes and vaping kits
  • Nicotine Salt: Contrary to conventional nicotine, one of the rapidly growing nicotine types is nicotine salts; e-liquids containing nicotine salts are termed nic salt e-liquids. In nicotine salts, nicotine in its purest form is extracted from tobacco leaves. It is then mixed with benzoic acid, offering a smooth throat hit and satisfying vapers by quickly absorbing into the bloodstream.

Guidelines to Pick an Appropriate Nicotine Content:

Prior is a detailed explanation of the significance of nicotine content in vaping devices; now, how much nicotine is required while vaping is still a prominent question. Therefore, the next section is based on guidelines for selecting the right nicotine concentration:

  • 0mg: This nicotine-free strength is one of the preferable choices for social smokers - those who use cigarettes occasionally and choose the nicotine in small quantities. Also, the 0mg strength of nicotine is good for flavour explorers and cloud chasers, those who want to be able to blow more vapour rings. Nicotine free vapes are also available for flavour enthusiasts.
  • 3mg: This nicotine quantity is ideal for beginner vapers. The 3mg of nicotine is also recommended for those who want to quit smoking by reducing its strength. In addition, this low-level strength is also preferable for light smokers - those who only use a few cigarettes a day.
  • 5-6mg: This is another low-level nicotine concentration which gives perfect and satisfactory nicotine hints. It is recommended for Ultra Low or Ultra Light - those users who are getting through up to 10 cigarettes within a day.
  • 10-12mg: Nicotine comes in the range of 10mg - 12mg and is good to choose for average smokers, those who enjoy up to a pack of cigarettes in a day. This strength is preferable to adopt for individuals who want to keep their nicotine cravings away.
  • 18-20mg: It is high-level nicotine, which is best to choose for those who use a pack of cigarettes regularly. The 18mg - 20mg is suitable for experienced or habitual smokers. Moreover, the trend of disposable kits is growing rapidly among many vaping kits. They come in the vaping industry with 20mg/ml of nicotine salt.

Furthermore, below are some of the common questions regarding the availability of nicotine ratios so that vapers can choose the best one based on their demands and vaping styles.

How Much Nicotine Is in a Vape?

Nicotine is available in varied strengths, with the highest being 20mg/ml. Therefore, vapers can choose the right strength based on their needs. Factors like power output, temperature, and others are important in determining the appropriate nicotine strength.

How Much Nicotine Is in a Cigarette vs Vape?

In the market, nicotine is accessible in different quantities, up to 2%, allowing different vapers to pick the best one according to their demands. However, some leading factors are important when determining the right nicotine strength. These include power output, temperature, and others. You can find any device, whether it’s related to the best vape for heavy smokers or an intermediate smoker. Chose

In contrast, different brands of cigarettes offer distinct nicotine content. For example, E-Lites, one of the well-known UK cigarette brands, tends to be closer to 6mg, and a stronger option is closer to 28mg. However, this popular brand offers the average strength of nicotine, which is around 10mg—12mg per cigarette.

How Much Nicotine Is in a Disposable Vape?

Generally, disposable vapes come on the market with varied nicotine strengths, from 0mg to 20mg. However, vapers can choose the best one depending on their craving level. Meanwhile, according to the rules and regulations of TPD, the highest nicotine strength in a disposable vape is 20mg within a 2ml eliquid tank.


To conclude the explanation, nicotine is one of the most critical components to consume. It might make you feel uncomfortable if you do not consume it appropriately. Moreover, nicotine is available in different strengths, so one of the crucial tasks is picking the right one. In addition, the above discussion explains in detail some common concerns about nicotine and clarifies how to select its right strength.