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Why Is It So Hard To Stop Smoking?

by Zaher Ahmed 30 Sep 2022

Smoking leads to the death of millions of people in a year. And this is not the world stats; it is the number of deaths in one country only. The smoking epidemic has caused much damage to the health and well-being of people and the environment. The reason is that when tobacco is burned, many carcinogens and toxic elements are released aside from nicotine.

What Leads To Smoking Addiction:

There are several social and psychological factors at work behind this scenario. Some of the reasons include:

  • Peer pressure
  • Pure curiosity
  • To seem cool to impress others
  • To cope with stress and anxiety
  • To seek the thrill of trying something new

What Threats Does Smoking Pose:

Regular cigarettes contain tobacco, which causes a lot of damage when it burns. Have a look at some of the aspects discussed below that show the damage caused by smoking:

  • It leads to air pollution due to the release of harmful chemicals in the form of cigarette smoke.
  • Cigarette butts cause land and water pollution.
  • The carcinogenic elements in it cause chronic illnesses in people like lung cancer.
  • It negatively affects the surrounding people, too, due to passive smoking.
  • Smoking damages the lungs immensely. It damages the airways and causes problems in breathing properly.
  • It also affects body organs other than the lungs and leaves a permanent strain on them.
  • It affects the environment badly and adds to pollution, making it difficult for life to survive in healthy conditions.

There are a million reasons why and how smoking is leading to the downfall of human health and the surroundings. And smokers will bring out a million reasons why they cannot or do not want to quit it. But you should not live in deception and face the truth that it is not and never will be a good thing for any living being.

Traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes are often confused as the same. It is noteworthy that even if disposable vapes provide a similar experience and contain nicotine, they do not pose such high-level threats. Vaping does not release carcinogens or add to environmental pollution as smoking does.

Why Quitting Is So Hard:

Since nicotine is present in cigarette smoke, it goes into your body and stimulates your brain to release happy hormones. When dopamine is released, it lifts your mood and helps you work with increased efficiency. People get addicted to this feeling of short-term happiness and build a habit out of it.

Short-term pleasure-seeking activity leaves long-term disastrous impacts. Over time, your brain also alters its functioning and releases that hormone on the reception of nicotine. That is why smokers need to take puffs every few hours. When your brain function is altered, you feel trapped in that routine and keep repeating it to survive.

Even if you try to get out of this habit, you will experience withdrawal symptoms that would be pretty uncomfortable. Since overcoming the urge to smoke is not an easy feat, people just go for it despite knowing all the side effects. 

How To Get Out of It:

You can:

  • Try smoking alternatives like disposable vapes
  • Use nicotine patches, inhalers, gums, etc
  • Pick a new habit, like working out
  • Stick to abstinence from smoking on sheer will and challenge yourself
  • Seek professional help
  • Seek help from friends and family
  • Using smoking-quitting apps to keep track of your activity and encourage you with regular notifications

There are many reasons why quitting smoking is hard, but you will find many more to stop smoking if you start looking for them actively. You can try abandoning it for your family, friends, environment, and health. No doubt it is hard, but you can beat it for sure. You will find everyone around if you ever need any help throughout the journey. You can also try disposable vapes if you are not ready to leave nicotine altogether.

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