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Innokin's Giveaway: Celebrating Another Year Of Innovation

by Hashim Khan 12 Apr 2023

Have you heard about Innokin Technology's celebration of its most successful products with huge giveaways and wholesale incentives? This is great news for vapers worldwide seeking bigger products at lower prices!

According to Innokin:

“The fast-moving vape industry is characterised by rapidly changing consumer trends, making it rare for products to withstand the test of time. Innokin asserts that its products' enduring popularity demonstrates the brand's strength and its ability to foster strong consumer loyalty.”

How Innokin Is Celebrating Its Anniversary - A Look At The Exciting Event:

In celebration of its anniversary, Innokin Technology is hosting an event that spotlights its popular Endura and Platform series products. These product lines have been cherished by millions of vapers across the globe for 8 and 6 years, respectively.

Innokin is offering its biggest prize draw ever during the event, where all purchases of Endura and Platform series products are eligible to win exciting prizes such as:

  • 6 MacBook Airs
  • 8 Xiaomi Electric Scooters
  • 16 sets of Samsung Galaxy Buds 2,
  • and many more

How To Take Part In The Event?

After learning about the features of Innokin's Endura and Platform series, you may be interested in trying these devices, especially considering the current discounts and prizes available. If you're wondering how to participate in the event, we've got you covered. Take a look at the following steps:

  • To participate in the giveaway, customers must purchase an Endura or Platform series product and notify the Innokin team through their official social media pages.
  • Additionally, consumers can participate by sharing social media posts from Innokin's official accounts during the event and using the hashtag #INNOKINanniversarycelebration.
  • Innokin representatives randomly select winners from the pool of entries and contact them via social media to arrange prize delivery.

Find Your Perfect Vaping Companion With Innokin's Endura & Platform Series:

Since their release, the Endura and Platform series devices have generated millions of sales across more than 100 markets, elevating the Innokin brand to the top of its sector. Let's delve into the specifics of Endua and Platform series products to pique your interest in the event to win big surprises, especially if you're a passionate vaper!

Endura T18:

In 2015, Innokin introduced its flagship entry-level Endura series with the iconic Endura T18, quickly gaining worldwide popularity. The device's exceptional build quality, long-lasting coils, and intuitive design made it a favourite among vapers. The T18 stood out for its durability and consistent performance compared to other devices in its category. 

This success solidified Innokin's position as a leading manufacturer in the vaping industry. More than 8 years later, the Endura series remains highly sought-after. The T18 X and Endura Apex continue to experience robust sales, demonstrating Innokin's unwavering commitment to quality and consumer-centric practices.

Coolfire Z60:

Innokin's latest addition to the Platform series is the Coolfire Z60, which boasts cutting-edge coil-boosting vape technology, premium build quality, and intuitive controls. In 2017, Innokin partnered with vaping experts Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis to create the Platform series to deliver advanced vaping performance with user-friendly designs to a wider audience. 

The platform coil atomiser has been integral to its success, remaining compatible with all Platform series devices even after more than 6 years of frequent performance improvements. 

“Innokin will continue to develop and broaden both product lines in the years to come to produce goods with cutting-edge performance, continuing support, and lasting value.”


The Innokin Anniversary Celebration-

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