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A Guide to E-liquids

by Zaher Ahmed 27 Jul 2022

A lot of smokers are switching to vapes because it helps them weave off their smoking habits. Vapes are the most effective smoking cessation techniques because they are budget-friendly and convenient to use. In addition, they are customisable, and one can use them according to their preference.

One of the basic reasons why so many people are trunking to vapes is because they do not combust tobacco nor produce tar and carbon monoxide. Instead, they heat e-liquids. E-liquids are a crucial component of a vape device. Without the best e-liquid, a vape device cannot operate.

Importance of E-liquid in Vape:

A single cigarette alone contains about 7000+ chemicals, all of which are detrimental to humans and other species. Cigarette turns you into an aggressive person. On the other hand, E-liquids are not that dangerous, and neither do they contain toxicant chemicals. Instead, they are comprised of the following four ingredients:
1. Propylene Glycol
2. Vegetable Glycerine
3. Nicotine
4. Flavours
When e-liquid is heated, it does not produce tar-containing smoke, unlike a cigarette. Instead, it makes a stream of vapour. With the help of a battery, a vape device powers the coils, which then heat the e-liquid. Vapers are crazy after e-liquids because they come in different enticing flavours. There are thousands of exciting flavors, each serving you with a unique taste.

E-liquids, often known as vape juice or e-juice, come in various succulent flavours. You can have any flavour of your choice, from mango ice to blueberry, sour raspberry to peach ice. You can order your favourite e-juice from any reputable vape brand.

A Brief Introduction to E-liquid Ingredients:

We know that you are a pro vaper and exactly know which e-liquid would be best for you. However, there are some people who have no idea about what e-liquids are? And which e-liquid would work best for them?
This guide is specially compiled for vapers who have zero understanding of e-liquids and want to know about them. No matter whether you are a beginner vaper or an avid vaper, navigate through this guide. It will surely help you!

Propylene Glycol:

PG is an odorless and colorless liquid that carries the flavor of an e-liquid more effectively. Its density is low, and it gives a better flavor payoff. PG, when combined with nicotine, provides a harsh throat hit that simulates the sensation of cigarette smoking.

Propylene Glycol Usage in Different Industries:

Propylene Glycol is used to maintain moisture in foods and helps maintain food flavours for extended periods. Moreover, many pharmaceutical drugs that are insoluble in water utilise PG as a solvent and carrier.
It is also used in many oral, injectable, and topical formulations. Besides, many of your cosmetics products, such as face wash and creams, also contain PG in them. Due to its wide usage in different industries, it can be deduced that it is not much harmful to human health.

What Does Higher PG Ratio Do To E-liquids:

As PG imitates the smoking sensation, many smokers prefer more PG containing e- liquid when they turn to vape devices. Moreover, PG is the base ingredient for any e- liquid and is mainly trendy among individuals who are after flavour.
Most e-liquids come in different ratios, i.e., 50VG/50PG and 60VG/40PG. However, it is totally up to you which concentration you would prefer for yourself. For instance, if you are not a cloud chaser and like the harsh throat hit, you should go for 70PG/30VG e- liquid.

PG E-liquids Work Best With Vape Pens and Disposable Devices:

Disposable vape devices and vape pens are generally considered best for beginner vapers. These devices usually come with pre-filled e-liquid and are pretty easy to use.
You can check them out on vapegala. The e-liquids in these devices carry a high PG ratio!

Vegetable Glycerine:

VG is denser than PG and helps create significant amounts of clouds. It is slightly sweeter than PG, and it gives a less harsh throat hit. Since VG provides a smooth throat hit and humongous clouds of vapours, avid vapers like them.

Vegetable Glycerine and Its Usage:

Vegetable Glycerine, known as VG, is used in many food products such as pre-cooked pasta, rolled oats, breakfast cereals, rice, batters, and baked goods. Apart from that, the cosmetic world uses VG as it attracts and locks moisture into the skin. If you closely read, many of your beauty creams utilise VG!

What Does Higher VG Ratio Do To E-liquids:

The more the VG in your e-liquid, the more clouds you can produce. Devoted vapers who have been vaping for a while love VG e-liquids because it allows them to create O’Rings and Ghost Clouds!
If you are after cloud chasing, we recommend you opt for high-ratio VG e-liquids. Such as 70VG/30PG. This is the perfect ratio as it gives your better quality clouds and adequate flavour.

VG E-liquids Work Perfect With Sub-Ohm Devices:

As VG is more viscous, it requires more power to heat the e-liquids. Thus it uses High Power vape devices such as Box Mods and Mod Pods. These devices contain coils that have a resistance below 1 ohm. The lower resistance of a coil allows the current to pass through the vape coil more swiftly. Sub-ohm devices are specially designed for e-liquids that carry high VG e-liquids!

Note: For better flavour and significant clouds, always choose e-liquids with equal VG/PG ratio.i.e., 50VG/50PG!


Nicotine in vape juices allows people to effectively overcome their nicotine cravings when transiting to vaping. One thing that you may want to know is that nicotine in e-juices is lab-processed, known as Nic Salt, and comes in various strengths. Moreover, it is less harmful than cigarette-containing nicotine as TPD regulates it.
Nicotine in vape juices comes in various strengths .i.e. 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 20mg. (The strength of nicotine cannot exceed 20mg according to the TPD regulations).
If you are a smoker and have just stepped into the vaping world, you may need to know which nicotine strength would be best for you. After determining the strength, you can make an informed decision on your nicotine intake!

● 3mg_Equivent to 4 to 5 cigarettes
● 6mg_ Equivalent to 6 to 10 cigarettes OR half a pack.
● 12mg_Equivalent to 12 to 20 cigarettes.
● 18mg_Equivalent to 20 to 30 cigarettes OR a full box.
● 20mg _Equivalent to 1 to 2 packs of cigarettes.

Choose your desired strength from above according to your previous usage frequency!

Types of Nicotine:

Generally, there are two types of nicotine.
1. Freebase nicotine
2. Nic-Salt

Freebase Nicotine:

If you were an ex-smoker, you definitely know how intimidating the throat hit is for smokers! Freebase nicotine gives you the feeling of cigarette smoking. It provides a harsh throat hit and helps you overcome your smoking craving.


Nic-salt has been around quite a few years now. People who find freebase nicotine e-liquid harsh choose nic-salt e-liquid. Nic-salt has a lower pH level, and therefore it gives you a subtle throat hit. Novice vapers mostly opt for nic-salt because it gives them a smooth throat hit!


E-Liquid Flavours:

Flavour is the most exciting ingredient of an e-liquid. Flavours make e-liquids more delectable. The succulent and exotic flavours of e-liquid come in a tremendous range. Whether you want a heisenberg flavour or a cola flavour, you can just have it all! When it comes to flavours, make sure you do not pick the wrong ones! A wrong e-liquid flavour would give you a nasty vaping experience! And leaves your taste buds wondering what horrible thing just hit them!

Get Customised E-liquid From Us!

Smoking does not provide you with many options, and you cannot experiment with new things with a single cigarette. However, when it comes to vaping, you will get multiple options. Such as Customised E-liquids!
Customisation allows you to make things according to your demand. At our vape shop, you can get e-liquids the way you want. For instance, if you like blowing out vast clouds of vapours and want more VG in your e-liquid, we will provide you with that. Similarly, if you want more nicotine hit in an e-liquid, we’ll do that for you! And if you do not like nicotine e-liquid, we’ll help you get nic-free e-liquids! (Order shortfills and Nic-shots today!)

E-liquid Brands:

We take pride in providing our vapers with different e-liquid brands that mainly sell quality. Whether you are a fan of Dinner Lady E-liquid, Signature, or 88 Vape, we have a wide range of e-liquid flavour that will give you the chance to enjoy your choice. Besides, these e-liquid brands we also got Steepd Vape Co, Nasty Juice, IVG, and many more in our stock. You just need to select your favourite one and place the order, the rest is up to us!

Why We Rank High Among Our Competitors:

We make sure that you will get everything according to your requirement! You will be satisfied knowing that we strictly follow the TPD rules and only give you authentic vape accessories.

Our products are budget-friendly, and anyone can afford them! So if you are looking for a reputable online vape shop , you should definitely try our services! We’ll surely not disappoint you.

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