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28-Day Stop Smoking Challenge

by Zaher Ahmed 16 Sep 2022

Everyone knows how difficult it can get to quit a habit you have been deeply indulged in for a long while. Be it smoking, watching seasons, or listening to songs, anything you do for an extended period becomes gruesome to abandon. This is because it starts becoming your comfort zone, and stepping out of it seems arduous. 

Why People Start Smoking:

Quitting smoking is even more difficult because of the nicotine addiction you get as a bonus. People feel good after taking a few puffs from a conventional cigarette because the nicotine in the smoke absorbs into their bloodstream and relaxes their nerves. Most people smoke to calm their nerves; others do it just for the sake of it.

Teenagers, especially, get into smoking to seem cool to their peers or by starting it as a fun activity. Then they get caught in that endless spiral and become addicted to nicotine. Whether you start it for fun or with a purpose, it poses an equal threat to your health, the environment, and the health of those around you. 

Why Quitting Becomes Hard:

There are many reasons why it seems challenging to break the habit. But some of them seem to be:

  • The most significant one is the nicotine addiction that comes with it.
  • Another major reason could be that it becomes a habit, and it is strenuous to break any habit.
  • People get comfortable with the feeling of having something in their hands or mouths every few hours.
  • They do not want to leave the comfort zone that they have built around themselves over time.
  • They do not have any tempting alternative to their smoking habit. Some people prefer traditional cigarettes even if disposable vapes are offered as the closest alternative.
  • They find it a means to alleviate their stress and anxiety levels, and let’s be honest - who wants to let go of their stress reliever?

Why A 28-Day Challenge:

There are no specific statistics on how many days it takes to build or break a habit. But a general concept tossed around occasionally is that the required time is twenty-one days. When you go for three weeks straight trying to stick to one goal, it becomes a new habit, making it easy for you to persist with your current goal. 

A twenty-eight-day challenge is also something similar to this. You abide by the abstinence goal for around a month, and it builds courage in you. This makes you think if you can persist until now, you can do it in the future too. And when it comes with a lot of perks like improved health and financial savings, quitting becomes a little less difficult when looking at the rewards waiting for you at the end of the journey.

Ways To Get By 28-Days Without Smoking:

You can achieve your goal by a lot of means. For instance:

  • The most reliable thing can be to seek help - from others or apps that keep track of your financial and health improvement to encourage you.
  • Find an alternative, like taking a walk or joining a social gathering.
  • Seek proper treatment.
  • Use nicotine patches, gums, lozenges, inhalers, etc.
  • Go for the most realistic alternative - disposable vapes. Vape devices provide a similar experience to smoking with flavour and smoke-like vape clouds.

Is It Even Successful:

The 28-day challenge is quite successful if you really spend it without smoking. The first month is the most difficult when you start changing your routine; if you get through it somehow, well, things become much easier. Numbers have power, and when you keep track of days, you will feel positive encouragement from within and those around you.

Quitting smoking is an excellent decision as it would be one of the best things you can do for yourself. This will improve your lung health, prevent further yellowing of teeth and bad breath, and minimize coughing. This 28-day challenge has proven successful for many people and would be helpful for you too. Try disposable vapes if you wish to use an alternative that offers a similar experience.

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