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Cake Disposable Vape Flavour Review

by M Tajamul 27 Sep 2022

There are about 70 flavours that you will get from various Cake Disposable Vapes. Here in this blog, I’ll review some of the luscious and trending flavours. You can try any of the flavours, and I bet you will have an incredible taste. 

Doozy Liquid Gold E-Liquid

It is one of the most anticipated cake e-liquid. The e-liquid is the mixture of pastry, custard, vanilla, cream and cake flavour. I have tried this e-juice, and it tastes great. On inhaling, you will get the taste of pastry with the essence of vanilla notes. 

The taste of this e-juice is not too saccharin nor mundane. It is moreish and delectable! If you haven't tried this e-juice, I would recommend you to give it a try! You will love it.  

Cake Disposable Vape Flavour Review

Big Drip Lemon Cake E-Liquid

Cake disposables are different from the rest of the other vapes because of their distinctive flavour range. Every flavour from the cake hits different, it just goes inside, and it creates magic! Talking about this particular flavour, it is a blend of lemons, muffins, cream and tart. The creamy and tangy flavour will give you just the right nudge for your vaping. 

You might have tasted various tangy and tart flavours like lemon and grapes. However, this e-juice is slightly different because of the commingling of creamy flavours. The name might baffle you, and you may think that the flavour wouldn’t be good, but it's scrumptious inside out! Try it yourself! 

Nanas Own Jam Roly Poly E-Liquid

The cake and jam-flavoured e-liquid have something exceptional in them. When I first tried the flavour, it won me over with its delectable notes and mesmerising taste. If you have a sweet tooth, the e-juice is just right for you! It’s a bit saccharine, but it's definitely tempting.

Nanas Own Jam Roly Poly E-liquid is a wonderful flavour that will refreshen your soul. If you are fed up with trying the same tropical fruity flavours and want to try something different, you should try this jam-roly poly e-liquid.

Ultimate Puff Cookies Black Forrest E-Liquid

Ultimate Puff Cookies Black Forrest E-liquid is present in shortfill and nic-salt. The flavour is a blend of berries, cake and cookies. When you take a puff of this e-juice, you will receive a very coffee-like flavour sensation. Along with the coffee, you will also get a sensation of cookies. I personally think not many people will like this flavour!

However, anyone who is fond of deserted flavours can try the flavour. The e-juice gives you terrific taste along with quality cloud production. 

Flavour Treats Strawberries & Cream Waffle E-Liquid

With a very creamy flavour, indulge with the notes of strawberries when it hits your taste buds and leaves them wanting for more. The commingling of strawberries and cream will do wonders for you! It will not be too sweet on your tongue. It gives you a jammy-creamy taste that you will surely love!


Despite these flavours, cake disposables have a range of other flavours. You can choose any e-juice of your choice from various e-liquid flavours!

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