What Is A Clearomizer Or Coils In Vaping Kits?

Vaping in itself is a whole new world of experiences but it becomes a real stranger when there are so many terms that you don’t even have an idea of 

  • what are they ?
  • How can I use them in my Vaping journey?

Well you need not to worry because we have everything covered for you in this article.

What Is A Clearomiser And What Is Made Up Of ?

It is basically the part of the E-cigarette where the liquid is kept and after going through a process of heating changed into a vapour.
Clearomizer is made up of :

  • Mouth piece
  • Cartridge
  • Wick
  • Coil

Working Of A Clearomizer

  • Wicking system absorbs the e liquid from the glass tank with a silica wick.
  • It is then delivered to the coil.
  • In order to heat the liquid the vape coil needs to be turned on and that is done by activating the battery.
  • Once the coil is turned on the E-liquid starts to heat up and finally changes into a vapour which is then inhaled by the consumer through the mouthpiece.

How To Fill A Clearomizer ?

  • First of all you need to open the E-liquid bottle.
  • Carefully pour the E-liquid by slightly tilting the Clearomizer.
  • Make sure that no amount of liquid goes into the centre tube of the Clearomizer because it happens it would end up in a leakage and will damage your device.
  • Now tighten back the mouthpiece at its place.
  • Now you need to tighten the Clearomizer on to the battery.
  • Let the liquid sit for a sometime.

How Can I Clean My Clearomizer ?

Only the rebuild ones could be cleaned, not the disposable ones.

  • First of all separate its parts.
  • Rinse the tank with the help of the warm water carefully.
  • Wait until it's completely dry before putting it back into the device.
  • You can heat up your coil with the method called dry burn , in which you burn up the coil in short bursts and then blow away the buildup residue carefully.
  • Reassemble all the parts after cleaning when they are completely dry , or else wait for at least 24 hours.

When Should I Change My Clearomizer?

  • Change it whenever you try a new flavour of E Liquid because if you will not do so then the taste of the previous liquid can get mixed up with the new one. Even if you have emptied your tank of previous Eliquid it still lingers.
  • A general rule of thumb is that vapors should change their Clearomizer after every 10 refills.
  • Change your Clearomizer if you examine a less vapour production and a weaker flavour.

Advantages Of Using A Clearomizer

  • The Clearomizer can easily be refilled and thus help you to customize your E-liquid according to your taste buds.
  • As the tank is made of a clear material like a glass or plastic , it helps you to keep an eye on your E-liquid level inside the Clearomizer.
  • Whether you prefer a warmer vapor or an intense flavour both the problems are solved with the top and bottom heating coils of a Clearomizer.
  • It has a large capacity to fill the E-liquid somewhat around 1.6 to 3ml.
  • In some types of Clearomizer the coils could be replaced.
  • They have a longer life cycle.

Disadvantages Of Using Clearomizer

  • They are more expensive than atomizers or Clearomizer.
  • Need to change it whenever you try a new flavour of E liquid because previous flavour may linger thus interfere with the new flavour.