Top 10 Best Pod Vapes in UK

Vaping in 2024 is not just limited to nicotine intake or producing denser clouds. It's about consistent innovation and modern technology that keeps vapers fascinated. We now look forward to simple zero nicotine vapes that offer a range of mouth-watering flavours to smart vapes that provide mobile phone connectivity. We’ve entered an era where constant advancement is the key factor.

Initially, vapes were nothing more than better alternatives to cigarettes. As we move more into the middle of 2024, new updates in the vaping world don’t fail to amaze us with unlimited options in the market. Everyone has options, from disposable vapes for beginners to rechargeable pod kits, advanced Direct-to-Lung (DTL) devices, smart vapes, zero-nic kits and flavours that tantalise tastebuds.

So, let’s dive into the best pod vape 2024 has to offer!

What Are Pod Vapes?

Before discussing the best vape pods in 2024, let’s discuss the basics of vape pods—what they are!

Pod vapes consist of a battery and a “pod” instead of a vape tank. Although a pod serves the same function as a vape tank, it contains a coil and e-liquid sealed as a single unit. Some pods come with non-replaceable coils, while others have pre-installed coils.

A pod kit features refillable and pre-filled pods, allowing you to choose the perfect fit. However, some also offer replaceable pods for user convenience. Another interesting feature about vape pods is their smaller and more streamlined design.

So, if you’re on the hunt for the best pod vape, below is a list for you to choose from!

Vaporesso XROS Mini 16W Pod Kit:

SHOP NOW Vaporesso proudly offers the best refillable pod vape UK, with a 1000mAh battery and leak-resistant technology. Vaporesso XROS Mini is made with a diamond pattern design, giving it a prestigious look and offering a firm grip. It is inhale-activated to allow vapers to avoid the unnecessary hassle of buttons and customisable options.

Users can fill the e-liquid using the top-filling option. It features a USB C-type charging cable and an LED battery indicator to display the battery percentage. It also has a 0.8ohm mesh coil and a 12W power output to make your vaping a delightful experience. This pod system is a perfect fit for vapers who want a sleek and compact device that’s convenient to use.

Aspire Gotek X Vape Pod Kit:

SHOP NOW One of the best pod vape, the Aspire Gotek X, offers a 650mAh rechargeable battery with a C-type cable. Its power range of 10W—13W allows the user to vape in Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) and Restricted Direct-to-Lung (RDTL) styles. Also, its side-filling mechanism, 0.8ohm mesh coil, multiple protection features, and ASP chipset make it eligible to be titled the best vape pod kit. It comes in a bulky design, which suits its advanced vaping style as well.

Aspire One Up R1 Disposable Vape Refillable Kit:

SHOP NOW Speaking of disposable vapes, have you ever wondered why some non-reusable kits also compete in the best pod vape race? Well, the Aspire R1 has the answer! It is an all-in-one vape device that is just the perfect choice for ex-smokers or beginners who seek hassle-free inhaling sessions. This interesting device not only offers a 650mAh rechargeable battery but also includes a 2ml refillable tank. The coils are built, so you don’t have to worry about coil changes at all! This inhale-activated vape kit is an awesome choice for novice and experienced vapers.

Oxva Xlim Pro 30W Pod Kit:

SHOP NOW Oxva Xlim Pro is an advanced edition of the Xlim series kits! This upgraded pod vape boasts a powerful 1000mAh battery for extended vaping sessions, so you won’t have to worry about mid-day recharges. It offers an adjustable wattage from 5W - 30W.
Its package includes two pods offering Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) or Restricted Direct-to-Lung (RDTL) vaping styles with varied coil resistances. The USB-C cable quickly charges this device, ensuring you're always ready to puff. It can be inhaled or activated through a simple push of a button. So the next time you’re looking for the best pod vapes, Xlim Pro must be on the list!

Geekvape Sonder Q 20W Pod Kit:

SHOP NOW The Geekvape Sonder Q is the best pod vape, prevailing among vapers due to its exceptional features. It comes with a 1000mAh rechargeable battery built into a sleek and compact design. This kit offers adjustable airflow, an output power of up to 20W, an inhale-activated mechanism, and a simplistic interface for a perfect Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping experience. It also features a battery indicator light, so you can recharge your kit before the battery drains, allowing you not to spoil all the fun.

Vaporesso Xros 3 Pod Kit:

SHOP NOW The Vaporesso Xros 3 is the best vape pod kit for people new to vaping. It's easy to use and has a long-lasting battery to enjoy worry-free vaping. This kit comes with two refillable pods: one for a tighter Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) draw and another for a looser Restricted Direct-to-Lung (RDTL) inhale. This way, you can find the vaping style you prefer without dealing with messy coil changes. It features a 1000mAh battery and integrated mesh coils.

Vaporesso Luxe X Pro Vape Kit:

SHOP NOW The Vaporesso Luxe X Pro pod kit is considered a solid candidate for the title of the best pod vape. It keeps things pocketable for both beginners and vaping veterans. Even with its compact size, it packs a punch with a hefty 1500mAh battery and can fire between 5 and 40 watts. The Luxe X Pro lets you adjust the power for your perfect vape, whether you prefer MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) or RDTL (Restricted Direct-to-Lung) vaping style. Plus, it uses 2ml refillable pods, with two included in the box, to get you started on an uninterrupted vaping journey.

Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pod Kit:

SHOP NOW If you’re looking for a sleek pod system with a classical design, the Elf Bar Elfa Pro is the right choice! This smooth pen-like vape features a 500mAh rechargeable battery and e-liquid coil separation technology. To offer user convenience and a perfect cigarette-like sensation to ex-smokers and beginners, it is inhale-activated and offers a (Mouth-to-Lung) MTL-style vaping experience.

Voopoo Vinci Q 15W Pod Kit:

SHOP NOW Voopoo Vinci Q features a 900mAh battery and comes in 6 different striking colours. Most importantly, it contains the ITO atomisation technique and is cast by a two-tone textured injection mould to offer an even better taste. The top-filling mechanism makes it even easier to refill the e-liquid. Also, it is compatible with various coils, making your vaping experience customisable.

Hayati Pro Ultra 15000 Puffs:

SHOP NOW Hayati offers an outstanding vaping experience with 15000 puffs and 2*12ml tanks. The most interesting feature of this kit is its switchable mouthpiece, which flips tanks so vapers can enjoy a longer and uninterrupted vaping session. The device features an 850mAh rechargeable battery and a display screen showing the battery percentage.

What’s more, its 1.1ohm mesh coil ensures a smooth and satisfying throat hit. This sleek, inhale-activated kit comes in 30+ flavours. The build quality is outstanding, while the design is absolutely leakproof. So, instead of worrying about maintenance, users can simply inhale and enjoy a long-lasting and hassle-free vaping experience with Hayati Pro Ultra.

Summing Up!

Finally, it's not easy to find the best vape pod when there are so many remarkable options on the market. Every device is being upgraded to sustain in the advanced market of 2024. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaper, there are choices for everyone!

If you’re confused about which pod system best meets your needs, you can simply contact our customer support team. They will guide you in choosing the vape kit of your dreams without breaking the bank.