Misconceptions about Best Vape Kits goes and comes around

Alectrofag is trying to clear out some of the major misconceptions that have been taking the stats under its nose.

Talking about these misconceptions, some companies intentionally spread rumours, which is a natural process and understandable from a marketing point of view. But spreading those who will affect the ups and downs of sales strategies.

Furthermore, we have gathered a golden guide regarding rumours and lies from customers as well as from the companies.

The list of these misconceptions are;

  • E-Cigarettes are bad for you, so you might as well keep smoking
  • Vape Kits are soon to be illegal
  • E-Cigarettes are hazardous because no one knows what’s in them
  • Magic bar vape contain dangerous chemicals
  • Using E-Cigarettes can cause cancer
  • Vape pens can explode in your face
  • Vapes are expensive than Tobacco Cigarettes

E-Cigarettes are Bad for you, so you might as well keep Smoking:

Absolutely wrong, it’s not true at all. Nicotine is addictive, and research has shown its effects on the human body are marginal. No cases have been filled by vape users. As we are sure you are also aware of this fact. On the other hand, tobacco cigarettes are the inclusion of many addictive substances, such as chemicals, burning tar, and the smoke itself. Precisely, the nicotine not so much.

Vape Kits are soon to be Illegal:

Are you kidding me? I don’t understand how can a thing can become illegal, as the state has driven a law by the government of the UK and when something becomes law it surrounds all its activities from better to the worst. Therefore, it’s a big fat rumour nothing else.

E-Cigarettes are Hazardous because no one knows what’s in them:

That’s not true when it comes to purchasing from a well-reputed company in the UK such as Alectrofag. If you will follow an unknown source from legitimate Geek bar vape kits brands. People will eventually openly disclose ingredients for you, as a result, you are putting yourself at risk by stepping into the unknown.

Magic bar vape Contain Dangerous Chemicals:

This depends upon the brands that you opt for, some people opt for low-cost products which can make the above statement true on a minor level, who knows? Might be possible in this world.

Easy way is to stick to qualitative brands and suppliers, containing rigid packaging material which identifies the product’s value and don’t be drawn into choosing the cheaper alternatives.

Using E-Cigarettes can cause cancer:

Such an unfolded statement. This is a completely un-understandable statement because we are sure you know and felt for the term that an e-cigarette never burning nor ignites spontaneously doesn’t involve creating any tar substance. No tar means no way an electric cigarette cause cancer in the first place. The structure and use of any e-cigarette is instructed to avoid any unnecessary danger.

Vape Pens can Explode in your Face:

What goes around comes around” states the brands that you choose. Browse, explore and buy from trusted brands and quality suppliers like Alectrofag, UFA Marketplace, etc.

Additionally, you try to tinker with your Vape pen (advanced, Pod kits) or try to change batteries from another device that is not suitable for it can put you in a dangerous situation accordingly. Doing these experiments can put you in harm, as your e-cigarettes are not supposed to perform these tasks rather than their own spare parts. Try to avoid these for the betterment of your body part to get hurt in any way possible.

Vapes are expensive than Tobacco Cigarettes:

It totally depends upon the brand you choose, similarly like that in the case of expensive products Alectrofag has solved this problem by giving massive discounts and with their best vape kits if you are a citizen from the UK with very competitive prices with kicking off your habits of breaking into banks.