How To Become Pro At Vaping In 2023

Do you feel like you are stuck in the same old round of Vaping?

Bored from the usual style of vaping and want to move forward in order to become a more perfectionist at Vaping.

So you have made the decision of moving forward in the world of Vaping and we are here to help you support this decision.

Bigger The Better

You can change your dull boring routine by producing the bigger clouds. It would create a dramatic effect , more drama, more pleasure.

You should choose E liquids in which VG ratio is higher than the PG.

VG is the thicker liquid and thus helps in producing the denser, bigger clouds.

Healthy Mantra

Are you also one of those who want to become a pro at mastering healthy habits?

Do you also want to opt for healthier options in life ?

If the answer to the above questions is Yes , then you should go for Nicotine free Vape E liquids.

You can try the ones that provide you the pleasure and give you a calming effect at the same time.

Crave More Nicotine

Bored of your regular nicotine strength and want a more powerful hit? Sometimes we just need some extra in life whether that is some extra chocolate sauce on pancakes, extra sprinkles on your favourite ice-cream or some extra nicotine hit in your vaping device.

In order to cover this craving for extra you should go for Nic Salts at Alectrofag Collection.

Right Vaping Kit

In order to become pro at vaping it is very important that you should choose the right type of vape kit.

There are so many vaping kits available in the vaping industry that sticking to only one type is like playing a game at level one , when you have already finished that level.

So the answer is clear cut that in order to get a new experience you need to try the more advanced types of Vaping kits.


It is ideal when you want to experience the hit of the flavour at its maximum.

Steeping basically means to extract nutrition from a liquid.

Steeping will help you in your vaping journey by releasing more flavour of the E liquid.

Steeping is like ripening a fruit , the more appropriate time you give to the fruit the sweeter and yummy is the final product. Same case is with the Vape juice the more time you give it to steep more strong and ideal is the final vapor.

Steeping process allows the VG/PG , nicotine and flavouring to be blended in nicely.

The Eliquid colour also changes from lighter to a bit more darker one, thus indicating the more intense and strong Flavour.

Just keep on exploring and trying and one day you will definitely become a pro at Vaping.