How Is Vaping Impacting The Cigarette Industry?

Over the past ten years, vaping has become popular in the UK and worldwide. E-cigarettes are a valuable tool for those attempting to quit smoking, and the vaping business has continued developing novel methods to make the process easier. 

Despite these reservations, research has shown that vaping is a better alternative to smoking, with Public Health England claiming that vapes are 95% safer than cigarettes. The number of smokers in the UK is naturally declining as more people vape. This is cause for alarm for the tobacco business and cigarette sellers.

Let's examine how vaping has affected the cigarette industry.

How Many People Vape In The UK Now?

When we say vaping is becoming a new norm among smokers, it’s not a bluff. Here is the statistical data that talks about the immense popularity of vape devices:

  • The number of vapers in the UK is growing, with over 3.6 million persons listed as vapers in 2020, as either a step towards quitting or a safer option.

  • This represents a 400% increase since 2012.

  • The vaping industry in the United Kingdom is predicted to be valued at over £2 billion by 2020. This is obtained through a combination of high-end Vape Shop and online vendors.

How Has The Tobacco Industry Been Affected?

The tobacco business has begun to suffer due to the expansion of the vaping industry. Philip Morris International Inc., a multinational cigarette and tobacco manufacturing business, announced a drop in earnings in 2018, with sales in the EU (including the UK) falling by 6.7%.

In the United States, its leading brand, Marlboro, recorded a 7% drop in sales. As vaping becomes more widespread, their earnings have continued to plummet.

Vape Kits For Sale At Stores:

As the industry adjusts to the increased demand for vape devices, supermarkets and convenience stores have begun to carry vape kits. Tobacco sales used to bring in a profit for these establishments, but as cigarette costs rise and sales fall, tobacco is no longer as profitable. Several businesses have begun to carry specific vaping goods to compensate for this loss of income and the rising demand for vape kits.

The Rise Of The Pod Vape:

The Vape pods has been one of the most rapidly growing segments of the vaping business. Unlike vape shops, supermarkets and corner stores do not stock hundreds of e liquid flavours but smaller, closed pod systems that provide convenience and ease to their customers.

These devices are tiny and self-explanatory and do not require expert advice from a vape store to sell, making them ideal for supermarkets and corner shop vendors. Closed pod systems remove much complexity for adult smokers wishing to switch and retailers since they are easier to use, more convenient, and require little product training and maintenance.

Is There Any Benefit To Decreasing The Sale Of Regular Cigarettes:

The best thing is that people will be saved from many diseases. The environment and cheap drugs have a very negative impact on future generations. Cigarette smoking is an addiction which makes your body lifeless and hollow through tobacco. There is no age restriction or limit on the purchase of cigarettes. Hence, anyone can buy a cigarette from a street shop in a village or a city without consulting anyone.

Whereas vaping is strictly prohibited for children under 18 years of age, it can not be sold in every general store without permission, and you are also warned about how to dispose of this regard, Stoptober is performing an excellent guidance role; you should get the most out of it.

Make The Change This October With Stoptober:

During Stoptober, a month-long stop-smoking campaign that runs throughout October now is as good a time to take that first step towards stopping cigarettes. The Stoptober campaign is a 28-day smoke-free challenge; according to the NHS, if you can go smoke-free for 28 days, you're five times more likely to stop for good! Are you ready to quit smoking?


The rise of vaping has significantly impacted the traditional tobacco industry, as vaping could help millions of smokers quit smoking. The landscape is changing, with increasing numbers of people switching from smoking to vaping. As the argument over the safety and usefulness of vaping continues, one thing is sure: the options accessible to customers are expanding, and the tobacco business is undergoing profound change. The decisions you make now reveal the route to a smoke-free future.