Flying With Vapes In UK

With the growing popularity of vapes, more and more people are becoming uncertain about the rules and regulations of carrying vape kits while travelling. Most UK airlines and airports need to specify the details for carrying them. But we are here to clear the confusion. This is a brief guideline on whether “can you take vapes on a plane or not”. However, an important consideration is that these rules change with time, so double-checking the regulations should be a priority whenever you travel. Let’s start discovering the answer to this trending question asked by vapers Can you take disposable vapes on an airplane?”

Can You Take Vapes On A Plane?

Vapers are very concerned about the question, “Can you take electronic cigarettes on planes?” Let us tell you that yes, you can take your vape devices to an airplane or airport while travelling, but you need to keep them in hand luggage before you board the flight. It is always advisable to check the local rules and regulations as they contain lithium batteries, which are at high risk of fire, so most guidelines prefer that you keep them in hand luggage rather than in hold luggage. The more you abide by the security check at the airport, the less difficulty you will face. The important point is that your device should be separated from tanks or pods as it would be counted as a battery and stored safely.

What are UK Airport Policies on Vaping?

As we have discussed, the answer to the question can you take vapes on a plane? Now, let’s move towards some UK airport policies regarding vaping. Out of the UK’s 23 airports, 11 have a designated place for smoking or vaping right after scanning your luggage. These airports include:

  • East Midlands, near Castle Rock
  • Aberdeen, near Gate 5 (£1 fee)
  • Leeds Bradford, ground floor near Sports Bar
  • Bristol, next to Gate 4
  • Bournemouth, follow signs
  • Liverpool, lower level – signposted
  • Cardiff, next to Gate 2
  • Doncaster, first floor
  • Belfast, beside Lagan Bar (£1 fee)
  • Newcastle Airport, in Bar 11
  • Manchester Terminal 1, near the food court, Manchester Terminal 2, upper level

All airports have rules and regulations regarding vaping, which you should abide by to prevent mishaps. Moreover, to help you more, we are adding some quick links to the UK's most popular Airlines about whether can you take disposable vapes on an airplane.

How Many Vapes Can You Take On A Plane?

You can take vapes with you while flying, but the number of vapes allowed varies according to each airline's policies. So, the answer to the question of “How many disposable vapes can I bring on a plane?” varies at each airport. Airlines and airports have different rules regarding carrying lithium batteries. They usually allow up to 15-20 batteries for disposable devices. These contain e liquids and lithium batteries, which should be appropriately stored in your hand luggage. E-cigarettes on board are prohibited and should be kept in hand luggage. Moreover, checking their website and the flight rules is always better.

Flight Operator

Policy (Correct as of June 2024)

British Airways

Electronic cigarettes can be taken to planes in carry-on luggage. 15 batteries are allowed, and disposables or e-liquids should be stored in a sealable transparent bag, with 100 ml per bottle. 


Vapes can be carried with a maximum of 20 batteries and should be taken after turning off or at least protected from activation. Pack the refills within the liquid allowance and seal them in a plastic bag in the cabin bag. 


The carry-on bag can only take E-cigs, vapes, and 20 batteries. Vape juices with a maximum size of 100 ml per bottle should be taken in hand luggage. 

Eastern Airways

E-cigs can be taken on board but should be carried in person, not inside the luggage. Their website reports that e-liquids and refills are prohibited on this flight, so vapers should remember this while travelling. 


This allows the E-cigs, two batteries, and refills or vape juices to be packed in a clear plastic bag. All these devices should be kept in a carrying bag, not in the hold. 

Virgin Atlantic Airways

Batteries can be stored in hand luggage. Vape juice amount should be packed in clear plastic bags, and the limit should not exceed 100 ml per bottle.

Can You Vape On the Plane?

Vaping is strictly prohibited on the plane, like smoking. These devices and vape juices should be stored in hand luggage during this flight journey. Vaping clouds can disturb other passengers, so you should avoid this. Moreover, for questions like if can you take electronic cigarettes on planes, or can you carry these devices and e-liquids on aeroplanes, see the specific guidelines, such as pre-flight communication and notices. We recommend checking the airline's rules and regulations before taking any steps.

Can You Vape In An Airport?

Most UK airports have rules that prohibit vaping or smoking once you have entered the airport. But there are some airports which have now made designated areas for vapers and smokers. So, while flying, we recommend that the vapers check airport regulations related to whether can you take e-cigarettes on a plane or not.

Which Countries Have Banned Vaping?

Here’s the list of countries in which vaping is banned:

  • Vaping banned with possible imprisonment

Thailand, India, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines

  • Vaping banned (including zero nicotine)

Brazil, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Cuba, Dominican Republic, East Timor, Germany (only in the State of Hessen), Ethiopia, Egypt, Gambia, Iran, Jordan, Laos, Indonesia, Lebanon, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Mexico, Palau, Seychelles, Syria, Qatar, Uganda, Vietnam, Venezuela, Vatican City

  • Vaping banned (except zero nicotine)

Ecuador, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, South Africa, Norway

  • Disposable vapes banned

Bhutan, Antigua and Barbuda

  • Vaping banned in enclosed public places

Costa Rica, Denmark, Barbados, Bermuda, El Salvador, Iceland, Jamaica, French Guiana, Guyana, Honduras, Moldova, Panama, Luxembourg, Paraguay, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Portugal, United Arab Emirates (Including Dubai), Uruguay

  • Vaping banned in all public places

Spain, Balearic Islands, Ibiza, Canary Islands

Check the Rules Before You Travel

Vaping has become more common now, but it is suggested that you check the rules and regulations of the country where you are planning to travel. Do some prior research on your intended destination's legalities and attitudes. We know that your cravings for vaping can be frustrating, but we suggest you behave smartly to avoid heavy fines and arrest for trafficking in contraband materials. Always keep checking worldwide vaping legislation and in-depth examinations of other aspects of e-cigarettes for recent worldwide updates for stress-free travel.