Dos And Don'ts For Flying With Vape Devices In The UK

As vaping continues gaining popularity being the best alternative to traditional smoking, many people use vapes wherever they go, including on flights. If you plan to fly with your vape kit in the UK, you may have some queries about whether to travel with it and where and when to use it.

With changing regulations and safety concerns, navigating the rules and restrictions surrounding vaping and air travel can be daunting. For this purpose, you must know the dos and don’ts to ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

In this blog, we will cover everything you need to know to fly with your vape device responsibly and comply with UK regulations.

Are you ready for this roller coaster ride? So, let’s get started without further ado!

Essential Dos For Traveling With Vaping Devices:

When flying with vapes, there are some essential rules and things you should keep in mind for a smooth and hassle-free journey. Taking these simple precautions will ensure you can enjoy your vaping experience while respecting the rules and regulations in the UK. Here are a few tips:

Research Airline Policies:

You need to take some time and research the policies of the airline you’ll be flying with. Remember, every airline has different rules and restrictions regarding the transportation of vaping devices. You must check out their website or contact their customer support team to understand the guidelines and limitations.

Pack Your Vape in Carry-On Luggage:

According to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) guidelines, all vaping products classed as portable electronic devices and any other electronic devices, like laptops and power banks, must be stored in your carry-on luggage.

The reason is that vape devices equipped with lithium-ion batteries are prohibited in the cargo hold due to the fire risk. Keeping them in your carry-on bag ensures they remain in sight and within reach during the flight.

How To Pack Your Vape For Air Travel?

To fly with vape kits, you must understand how to pack a vape device to follow the rules and regulations. Let’s get into some steps to pack your device properly!

  • Store E-Liquids Properly:

Vape juices must be stored in containers of 100ml or less, adhering to the UK's liquid restrictions for flights. Additionally, place the e liquids in a clear, resealable plastic bag and other liquids like toiletries for easy screening during security checks.

  • Remove Batteries from Devices:

Always remove vape batteries from your vaping kit before packing them for safety reasons. Store the batteries in separate battery cases to prevent accidental activation during transit. This step helps prevent any mishaps from the device being inadvertently turned on during the flight.

  • Keep Spare Parts and Chargers Handy:

It's a good idea to pack spare vape coils, vape tanks, and vape chargers for your device. These items can be challenging to find at your destination or during your trip, and having them on hand will save you from potential inconvenience.

Research Destination Regulations:

Research their specific vaping regulations if travelling to another country or region. Vaping laws vary widely between countries and even between certain regions of the same country, and what is permissible in the UK might not be allowed elsewhere. Understanding local laws will ensure you comply with the rules at your destination.

Here's a simple table review to explain which airports permit vaping and their specific policies.

UK Airport Vaping Policies:


Vaping Policy

London Heathrow

Passengers are prohibited from using electronic cigarettes within the premises. E-cigarettes can only be used in smoking areas outside the terminal. 

London Gatwick

Vaping is only permitted in the designated smoking zones.


You can vape in the designated smoking areas outside all three terminal buildings before check-in and after arrival.


Vaping is allowed in designated smoking areas only.


Vaping is allowed in designated smoking zones only.


Vaping is permitted in designated smoking areas.

London Stansted

Vaping is permitted in the designated smoking areas outside the terminal. There are no smoking areas after you have been through security.

London Luton

Vaping is allowed in designated smoking areas.


Vaping is permitted in designated smoking areas only.


You are allowed to vape in specific areas set aside for smoking. These areas are located by the arrivals exit, near the bar on the mezzanine floor, and the Starbucks on the first floor.

Notify Security About Your Vape:

At the airport security checkpoint, it’s better to inform the officers that you are carrying your vaping device with you in your carry-on bag. This proactive approach will help the screening process and avoid misunderstandings during the checking.

Don'ts Of Flying With Vape Devices - Essential Guidelines For Air Travel:

When it comes to flying with vapes, there are certain things you should do and others you should avoid. Let's look at these important don'ts to be well-prepared for your journey!

  • Don’t Vape On The Plane:

No, you absolutely cannot vape during the flight. Smoking & vaping is strictly prohibited on the plane. Even if vape kits produce fewer vapours and odour than traditional cigarettes, airlines still maintain a no-smoking or vaping policy for the safety and comfort of all passengers. So, you should avoid using vape kits during the flight.

  • Avoid Bringing Vaping Devices In Checked Baggage:

Never pack your vaping devices or batteries in checked luggage. The cargo hold is unsuitable for lithium-ion batteries due to the fire risk. Always keep them in your carry-on bag.

  • Don't Attempt To Modify Your Vape Device On The Plane:

Avoid trying to repair your vape device while on the plane. Not only is it against airline regulations, but tampering with the device during the flight can be hazardous and may result in penalties.

  • Avoid Exceeding Liquid Limits:

Stick to the 100ml limit for e-liquids and ensure they are properly stored in the required clear plastic bag. Attempting to carry larger amounts of liquid might lead to confiscation at security checkpoints and bring on unpleasant consequences.

  • Don't Forget to Turn Off Your Vape Device:

Before boarding the plane, ensure your vape device is turned off to prevent accidental activation during the flight. An activated device could cause battery depletion and problems during security screening.

Let's quickly summarise what you should and shouldn't do when flying with vapes in the UK. We'll put them in a table format for easy reference, helping you follow all the necessary rules and regulations when carrying your vape on a plane!



Check airline regulations

Don't vape on the plane

Pack in carry-on luggage

Don't carry excessive e-liquids

Remove batteries

Don't vape in non-designated areas

Seal e-liquids properly

Don't store vapes in the overhead bin

Research destination rules

Don't carry vapes with illegal substances

Respect non-vapers

Don't charge vapes on the plane

Follow UK vaping laws

Don't lend vapes to strangers or minors

Use travel-friendly devices

Don't forget to turn off the vape device

Final Thoughts!

We hope you find this blog helpful when you’re travelling with your vape device in the UK. by adhering to the above-mentioned dos and don’ts, you can fly with your device in the UK confidently.

If you have any questions about vaping products, feel free to contact our friendly customer support team. We're here to help! Additionally, you can visit our blogs to know which vape devices and flavours would best fit your preferences and needs.

Happy travels and happy vaping!