We Present You The Best Menthol Vape Juices

We all love a little mint in our lives. That cool, fresh, clean, and minty feeling you get after having a spearmint gum is everything, right?

Let’s have a talk about menthol and some of our favorite minty e-liquid flavors:

The Minty Introduction

Menthol, also called peppermint camphor, a substance that has a strong minty, cooling aroma, and taste.

It is derived from oils from the mint leaves or it is synthetically produced by hydrogenation of thymol.

Menthol has a lot of uses like, for cough drops, medical balms, and nasal inhalers. Along with that, it is also a useful element in flavorings, food flavoring, cigarette flavoring, liqueurs, cosmetics, and perfumes even.

Why Do We Have Menthol E-Liquids?

Menthol has been a popular cigarette flavor for a very long time, now. It is this cooling element that has made it so popular, due to this popularity even the ban on menthol cigarettes and other menthol tobacco products couldn’t stop menthol enthusiasts to quit the cooling intake.

A number of studies have also shown that menthol products are more addictive than plain ones. That’s why it’s so great that now we have menthol e-liquid to calm our menthol desire.

The best menthol vape juices give you virtually the same experience as a menthol cigarette, in all honesty, it is actually an even better experience without any harm. This is why we have menthol e-liquids now because they give an even more amazing minty experience.

Top 3 Menthol E-Liquids

The best menthol vape juices in the market, well the variations are like some e liquids are expensive and some affordable, some a little complex and others disarmingly simple, Some are simply menthol and others are blended with fruity and other vape flavors.

There is one thing for sure,

WE have something for everyone.

In this section we’ll list 3 of the best menthol vape juices, these e-juices deserve a try!

Frost By Element

Element Frost is on top of the list for the best menthol vape juices. It is a mildly sweet inhale, gracefully followed by a strong menthol finish. An overall perfect menthol vape fluid.

Bad Blood Nicotine Salt E-Liquid by Nasty Juice

Bad blood nicotine salt e-liquid is a perfect blend of berry flavor with icy menthol. It a sweet and earthy combination of blackcurrants for a delightful inhale, followed by a bast of icy notes on the exhale for a fresh and crisp finish. Sound heavenly, right?

Twelve Monkeys Iced 50ml E-Liquid - Kanzi

A fruity e-liquid with a punch of bursting menthol, Kanzi Iced is a delicious concoction of watermelons, strawberries, and a little bit of kiwi, rounded off with a superb icy menthol hit.


Menthol is one of the main vape juice flavors smokers are most likely to gravitate towards.

Finding the best menthol e-juice is often an important step towards quitting smoking, to find your perfect menthol flavor you need to experience a few different ones. We have listed 3 of the best menthol vape juice flavors in the vaping world.

These three have the potential to become your favorite but even if these aren’t the ones you’re looking for, there is no harm in trying a few from different ‘good e-liquid brands.