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Vape E-Juice Knowledge


by Arslan Ahmad 18 Aug 2020

Everybody loves a good, silky, smooth and rich vape. So, here we are helping you find some of the best Tobacco vape juices of all-times.

  • What is tobacco?
  • Why is tobacco vape juice popular?
  • List of some of the best tobacco vape juices.
  • Conclusion.
what is tobacco

Tobacco is the common name of quite a few plants in the Nicotiana genus and the Solanaceae family. This plant is mostly grown for its leaves, these fresh leaves can be used to produce vaccines, antibodies, and other health-promoting substances including anti-ageing or anti-inflammatory compounds.

These leaves are also dried and fermented before putting in tobacco products. This substance contains nicotine, an ingredient that can lead to addiction.

Which is why so many people who use tobacco find it difficult to quit. Tobacco can be harmful if you burn it, the most common form of tobacco burning is in cigarettes.


The main reason for tobacco vape juice being so popular is that it is a healthier alternative to burning tobacco because vaping tobacco doesn’t require any burning. With burning tobacco comes the serious harm that it does to your body.

Secondly, most vapers in the vaping community are people who have quit smoking and are using vaping as a healthy alternative to that deadly habit. Smokers gravitate more towards the tobacco flavours because of that feeling that they used to get by smoking cigarettes and the hit.

Lastly, Tobacco flavours have that distinct, unmatched taste that eventually becomes every vapers favourite.

E-cigarettes came to life with this initiative to quit cigarettes smoking and at first, we were introduced to cig-a-likes.

So, what’s a cigarette without tobacco? So, for a healthy alternative, we were introduced to “The Tobacco E-liquids”



1.King Bellman by Charlie’s Chalk Dust

King Bellman 50ml Shortfill E-Liquid by Charlie Chalk Dust is a combination of organic tobacco with a twist of brown sugar and creamy vanilla for an added sweet touch.

It is rich tobacco inhale with some mild woody and smoky notes throughout. On the exhale a dash of brown sugar combined with a touch of vanilla creates a sweet and delicious ending.


2.Silver Blend by Nasty Juice

Silver Blend is a combination of rich, smooth and smoky notes. To give you a powerful vape.

The tobacco flavor on inhale has a sweet, dark and rich taste which is balanced by a layer of vanilla custard on exhale for a sweet finish.

Silver blend by Nasty Juice

3.Twelve Monkeys Origins - Patas Pipe

When the monkey shaman wants to read the future, he sits in front of the fire with his peace pipe. He also loads his tobacco with chocolate and vanilla. He’s just that kind of simian.

This beautiful blend of chocolate, tobacco and vanilla has some dark, rich and smoky notes when inhaled and the ending is always sweet with some sweet vanilla aroma and taste.


4.Doozy Golden Elixir

A perfect combination of Tobacco with some caramel toffee and vanilla. This Golden mixture will leave you mesmerized.

On the inhale you get warm melted toffee, indulged in a smooth tasting tobacco, with some vanilla topping, to make it a little more special. The exhale begins with the tobacco notes mixed with caramel yumminess.

You will never feel the want to be freed from this hypnotic potion!


5.Classic Tobacco by Vintage

Heard you're a smoker who is looking to make the switch? Stop right here, this juice is like the real thing.

Vintage Classic Tobacco has some smoky, rich and woody tobacco notes on the inhale followed by an exhale composed of smooth and slightly sweet notes lingering into the aftertaste.



As much as the Tobacco flavour is popular, it is equally hard to find the right Tobacco flavour. Many e-liquids will disappoint you before you finally get one that is everything a tobacco e-liquid should be.

We understand that for people who are quitting smoking, it is very important that the find the right tobacco flavour or else this can come in the way of their quitting journey.

So, to save you from the disappointment and hassle we have collected these oh so delicious tobacco flavours that you can try.

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