Smoking is all about that hit and flavour, right? These are the two things that drag you back to smoking once you start trying quitting.

We know most of us have been there. A day passes with no cigarettes but the next day comes and your throat brain and taste-buds start missing that flavour, nicotine hit and the satisfaction that came along with all this.

The urge of these three things, flavour, nicotine hit and satisfaction is so strong that at times it even shakes our goal which is quitting this deadly habit. We start to ignore the harms that smoking has been doing to us for so long. But what can be done to prevent this from happening?

E-liquids To The Rescue?

Yes, e liquids can play a major role in helping you quit this deadly habit and you see, the ingredients in e-liquids are all food-grade and pharmaceutical grade.

Most vapers in the vaping community are the ones who have quit smoking and are using vaping as a healthy alternative to beat that deadly habit.

The flavour that you look for in cigarettes is what always pulls you back, right? Don’t worry. That issue is no more because the flavours used in cigarettes like Tobacco and mint are available in e-liquids too but, in much safer version.

The nicotine hit you have been looking for is also in your e-liquids you can adjust the strength according to your past use of cigarettes so you don’t ever feel the need to open the cigarette box again.

What Flavours Works Best?

When it comes to tobacco e-liquids you can always find a good-old classic tobacco flavour but the plus point is that there are many more classic, creamy blends too that you can enjoy.

King Bellman by Charlie’s Chalk Dust:

King Bellman E-Liquid by Charlie Chalk is a blend of organic tobacco with a twist of brown sugar and creamy vanilla. It is rich tobacco inhale with some mild woody and smoky notes. On the exhale a pinch of brown sugar combined with a hint of vanilla creates a sweet and delicious ending.

Silver Blend by Nasty Juice:

Nasty Juice Silver Blend is a mixture of rich, smooth and smoky notes. To give you a strong vape. The tobacco flavour on inhale has a sweet, dark and rich taste which is balanced by a coat of vanilla custard on the exhale for a sweet finish.

Twelve Monkeys Origins - Patas Pipe:

This beautiful blend of chocolate, tobacco and vanilla has some dark, rich and smoky notes on the inhaled and the ending is always sweet with some sweet vanilla scent and taste.

Menthol Tobacco by Riot Squad:

Tobacco e-juice features a Menthol Tobacco Blend. First, you inhale a cool tobacco flavour that hits your taste buds just right. Then, a menthol blast hits you on the exhale. A rich tobacco taste with minty highlights and a pleasant aftertaste.

Mint Tobacco Nic Salt by Dinner Lady:

Mint Tobacco Blend with a cooling film. A smoky tobacco on inhale is perfected by an icy mint containing aromatic eucalyptus notes for a well-balanced flavour.


These flavours will definitely help you overcome the deadly habit that you have been facing from quite a long time now. Its time to say goodbye to smoking which was gradually killing all your organs.