Review Of Elux ENE Legend 3500 Mesh Disposable Vape

In the vaping world, disposable vapes have gained immense popularity for their convenience and user-friendly features. Among many options available, the Elux ENE Legend 3500 Mesh disposable vape stands out as a promising choice among vapers.

This nifty vape pen offers an array of exciting features packed into a compact design. But does it live up to the hype? In this article, we’ll look at the performance, flavours, and more to help you decide whether Elux ENE Legend fits your vaping needs perfectly.

A Brief Overview Of Elux ENE Legend 3500 Mesh Vape:

The Elux ENE Legend 3500 Mesh disposable vape is a sleek and compact device that delivers an exceptional vaping experience. It features a built-in 1500mAh battery, delivering around 3500 puffs of pure satisfaction, making it a long-lasting option for vapers who don’t want to go through the hassle of frequent refills or recharging. It comes pre-filled with delectable e-liquids and requires no maintenance, making it ideal for newbies and seasoned vapers. Let’s discuss these features in detail to learn more about this disposable vaping kit and why it’s prevailing in the vape market!

Features & Design

The Elux ENE Legend 3500 Puffs Mesh vape features an ergonomic design and soft-touch finish that fits comfortably in the hand. It is lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry around. The device has an inhale-activated mechanism, meaning you don’t need to fiddle with any buttons or complicated settings. The simplicity and beauty of its design make it perfect for those switching from smoking to vaping. The device also incorporates various safety features, such as over-discharge protection and short-circuit protection, ensuring a safe vaping experience for users. Additionally, the device is available in various attractive colours, allowing vapers to choose one that matches their style and personality.

To get an overview of the distinctive features of the Elux ENE Legend 3500 puffs device, look at the table below!



Puff Count

Approximately 3500


Mesh coil for better flavour and vapours

E-liquid tank capacity


Available flavours

More than 60


Rectangular, flat (Duckbill-shaped)


Compact, portable & lightweight 

Outer packaging labels

QR Code, No-Use-In-Pregnancy Sign, Under 18 Sign & Proper Disposal Sign

Activation Mechanism


Performance & Vapours Quality

Regarding performance, the Elux ENE Legend 3500 disposable vape doesn't disappoint. It has a high-quality advanced mesh coil technology that delivers smooth and consistent vapours with a much-close-to-real taste of e-juice flavours. The device's MTL draw is well-calibrated, providing an experience closely mimicking traditional smoking. It is an excellent choice for smokers looking to switch to a far less harmful alternative. The vapour quality is impressive, with rich flavours and decent cloud production.

Longevity & Battery Life

One of the standout features of the Elux ENE Legend 3500 puffs device is its impressive longevity. It offers long-lasting vape sessions that outperform many other disposable vapes, with about 3500 puffs per device. Because of this, it is an economical choice for vapers who wish to maximise their investment.

The device has a robust built-in battery of 1500mAh, ensuring consistent performance without recharging. No need to worry about charging or replacing batteries, as the Elux ENE Legend 3500 Mesh disposable vape has you covered for an extended period.

Multiple Delectable Flavours

The Elux ENE Legend 3500 puffs disposable vape has a wide range of exciting flavours to cater to different preferences. There's something for everyone, from refreshing fruit blends to menthol options. Each flavour is carefully crafted, ensuring an authentic taste that keeps vapers returning for more. Here’s a quick glimpse of a few flavours offered by Elux ENE Legend in different profile notes:



Bubblegum Airwaves

Sweet bubblegum with a refreshing coolness

Tutti Fruity

Mixed fruit explosion with various flavours

Mango Peach Watermelon

A tropical blend of mangoes, peaches, and watermelon

Triple Mango

The intense and exotic mango flavour

Raspberry Gin & Tonic

Tangy raspberries with gin and tonic twist

Watermelon Cherry Raspberry Ice

Cooling mix of watermelon, cherry, and raspberry

Cherry Pomegranate

Sweet cherries and tangy pomegranate fusion


Complex mix with energy drink elements

Pineapple Ice

Tropical pineapple with a cool menthol touch

Double Apple

Blend of red and green apples for a balanced taste

Final Thoughts!

We hope you find this guide helpful in making an informed decision about why the Elux ENE Legend 3500 puffs Mesh disposable vape is gaining vapers' attention. Its extended longevity, delicious flavours, and user-friendly design make it a promising name among vapers of all levels. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned vaper, the Elux ENE Legend 3500 is undoubtedly worth considering for a satisfying and enjoyable vaping experience. If you’re confused about choosing the flavour of your favourite disposable vape devices, you don’t need to fret! Contact our customer service; they can answer all your queries and guide you to choose the suitable device and flavour per your preferences and budget.

So, don’t hold back! Get an instant quote right away to take your vaping experience to new heights of pleasure!