Disposable Vape issue of burnt hits?

What are burnt hits?

You know that awkward situation when you take a long puff thinking you’re going to have the best vape, and instead of that “Good Vape”, you end up getting a horrible burning taste.

Burnt hit is just one of the worst things that can happen to a vaper because vaping is all about that smooth, silky puff and that perfect throat hit if that’s not there then what’s the point.

This issue has no limits like it can happen to this vaper or that or it can happen in this device or that because it can happen with almost any sort of vape. This situation is so bad that it can change a good mood into a bad one in seconds and worse case scenarios, it can steer you away from vaping.

Burnt hits are not caused by one issue, there are many reasons which can result in these hits.

Are burnt hits and dry hits the same?

Well, the answer is NO! not many vapers know about it but these two hits are hits but not the same hits.

  • Dry Hits: A dry hit appears as soon as the wick of your coil dries up a little. You will get less flavour and exhale less vapour, that’s it.
  • Burnt Hits: These have a flavourless vape, with less vapour and that burn hits right at the throat with the bad taste and cough. These hits are really bad!

Let’s have a look at the reasons first and then their solutions because we’ve got your back!

Reasons and solutions for burnt hits:

  • Coil Not Primed
  • Haven’t Allowed Your Wick to Soak Through
  • Vaped at Too-High Wattage
  • Not Kept Your Tank Full
  • Chain Vaped a Lot
  • Not Using the Right VG/PG Ratio
  • A clogged Wick

1. Coils Not Primed:
This one is pretty simple, Dry cotton burns. Priming your vape coils is just wetting the wicking and coil material directly to guarantee that it gets properly soaked before vaping. If you don’t prime your coil the air pockets within the wicking compact might not get shifted and you might end up with burn filled lungs.

The solution
When you’re getting your new coil ready it is best to open up your tank and prime your coil head first, then fill the tank and wait for a few minutes. This allows the wick to saturate properly.

2. Haven’t Allowed Your Wick to Soak Through:
The reason why this came next and as an individual point is because this one is really important. Many vapers do prime but forget to let that sit and get soaked up. Priming will not help unless you let that get soaked.

The Solution:
Shake the tank and turn it upside down a few times while it is getting soaked to ensure all the air pockets are out, you should see air bubbles at first but once your wick is saturated there will be no more bubbles.

3. Vaped at Too-High Wattage:
This mostly happens with mods because you don’t realise what wattage you’re vaping on but it’s good if you keep an eye on your screen. High wattage can easily and quickly damage your coil and cause burn hits.

The solution:
The solution is simple, you just need to keep a check on the wattage of your device, read the wattage written on your coil and prefer vaping on low wattage if you want the life of your coil. If unconsciously you have done this just wash it off thoroughly and deep clean.

4. Not Kept Your Tank Full:
We do get careless in this case but what we should know is that those little wicking holes around the sides of the coil head should never be exposed.

The Solution:
Your tank should always have e-juice, keep an eye on the e-juice level from time to time and fill it when it’s near the end.

5. Chain Vaped a Lot:
Yeah! This happens. You get excited while learning a new trick or maybe you’re stressed and you overheat your tank by chain vaping. It’s the time when your e liquids overheats, making it thinner and making it vaporise too fast and the process is too fast that your coils are not properly saturated by the time you take another hit.

The Solution:
It’s about keeping checks; you should simply keep checking your tank. It should never be too hot to the touch, a little warm is fine.

6. Not Using the Right VG/PG Ratio:
This factor is really important because if we have different VG and PG ratios then there is a reason behind it. The size of your coil head and the wattage range decide what ratio will be suitable. High PG fluids are mostly used in smaller devices and high VG fluids are used in bigger and heavier devices the ones with high wattage like mods.

The Solution:
Prefer going for 50% above VG for devices that have wattage above 30W.

7. A clogged Wick:
High VG e-liquids can clog the wick because they’re thick, sweet and sticky.

The Solution:
Deep clean your coil and if that doesn’t work replace it.

Final Note:

We hope after this article you will understand why you got that last burnt hit and how you will not have to face burnt hits again because we know they’re bad!

Coils are known as the heart of the device because they’re responsible to provide that fun. For that fun, the coils need to be protected and you can increase their lifespan. Just a little care and concern is needed and you’ll be good to go for a long period.

No hassle of changing coils daily, no worries about getting a burnt hit after a long puff. Keep vaping because it’s a safer alternative to smoking and we want you to live a safe life.