Can You Vape Indoors?

After the issue of smoking bans in certain areas, the trend of vaping has risen very much. More and more people are focusing their shift towards disposable vapes and vape kits. However, there is always confusion regarding their use in indoor or outdoor settings. Most of the time, vaping is prohibited on private premises. So, a question arises in everyone’s mind: can you vape indoors? Or is it safe to vape in the house? Where is vaping allowed, and what are the conditions to keep in mind? Here, we will clear all the instructions and regulations related to vaping.

So, let’s start!

Vaping Indoors: Rules & Regulations:

When it comes to vaping indoors, it's not assumed to be prohibited, like smoking, so most vaping does not create an issue in public areas like nightclubs, restaurants, and bars in the UK. It is always the choice of the place owner whether to allow vaping or not by keeping UK regulations in mind. These days, in the UK, most people are not allowed to vape because the other people in enclosed spaces do not like the clouds and flavoury smell of vaping.

Apart from vaping indoors, the most important question is, “How bad is vaping?” People often misunderstand that vaping clouds are like the smoke of cigarettes. The fear of exposure to passive smoking is the biggest reason most people do not even allow vaping, as customers complain a lot. Also, it may encourage other people to move towards smoking, so this is highly unethical and illegal. So the rule here is that you must respect the wishes of the owners and the people in the surroundings.

If a sign is visible, there are very defined rules that you cannot vape in that place. There can be a discussion about vaping permission if there is no warning sign. Sometimes, people do not know exactly whom to ask, and they continue to vape. It is not an issue if the owner, after knowing, still becomes hospitable. And if an issue arises, you need to face serious consequences sometimes. So, always get to know the rules before heading on to vaping.

Is It Illegal to Vape Indoors?

When vaping inside doors, it mainly depends on the property and your decision-making on the answer to the question, “Is it illegal to vape indoors”. Like a famous proverb that dictates an Englishman’s home is his castle. This means you can do vaping with different types of vapes freely in your home as per your choice. If you are living in a rental property, then it depends on the rules and regulations where you are living.

When the rental contract is signed, some rules must be followed. If it mentions no smoking, then you need to follow them. Otherwise, you can negotiate with your landlord. The same is the case when it comes to cars. If it's yours, then you can vape as per your will. But be sure to turn off the engine. And if it's a rental one, get the owner's permission or at least discuss it with him.

Some places not covered under the home category are taken as public properties. And they are completely accessible to everyone. But still, they possess some rules and regulations, like recreation grounds, pavements, urban spaces, and parks. If a no-smoking sign is present at that place, then surely you cannot smoke or vape there without permission.

Then, some properties are public but are not! Public transportation is one of the main examples of this category. Regarding transport services like buses and trains in the UK, most people do not allow vape users to vape openly, as there is a debate going on regarding “Are disposable vapes safe?” Moreover, transport hubs like airports and train stations are owned by multiple private companies, and they do not usually allow e-cigarettes.

Is Vaping Allowed In Pubs?

The most common question asked by vapers is can you vape in pubs? All pubs nationwide have banned vaping, including Wetherspoons and Mitchell & Butlers, two nationwide pub chains. They do not allow vapes or electronic cigarettes outside the permitted smoking places within their facilities, including hotel rooms and outdoor spaces. Any pub without a clearly defined policy should allow patrons to ask a staff member. This is the best course of action. Before utilising your device, make sure you have clear confirmation and always play it safe when vaping in public.


Summing up the whole discussion about “Can you vape inside of various premises?”, the permission to vape completely differs per the location and local laws of different places in the UK. But there is a fact that vaping is more acceptable than smoking. Some places prohibit vaping just so as not to cause discomfort to other non-vapers. The policies of private properties for vaping depend on the property owners, so before vaping, it is very important to ensure that it is allowed in that place.