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Dr Frost Bar Disposable Vape Device 575 Puffs

Dr Frost Bar Disposable Vape Device 575 Puffs


We are here with Dr Frost Vape, which is the talk of the town in the UK. With a 500 mAh battery, your vaping experience will be more appealing than ever before. You can enjoy up to 575 puffs in our meticulously packaged disposable vape that heals the cravings for a traditional cigarette.

In order to offer you the perfect fruity taste and aroma, our skilled team uses only the finest ingredients. When it comes down to the flavours, Dr Frost Vape is an excellent option for vape enthusiasts who enjoy trying different flavours.

To enjoy the vaping that may both make you feel fresh and calm your mind, the 2 ml e-liquid is well worth buying. It features a powerful 2 per cent nicotine content that enhances the buzz for those who prefer vaping to smoking.

The pre-filled e-juice inside the tank offers you an enticing and joyful feeling. This device is a wonder to behold because of its super stylish and slim design. Dr Frost Vape incomparable provides you with the buzz to fully immerse yourself in the flawlessness.


  • 2ml pre-refilled juice with 2% nicotine strength
  • E-juice Capacity: 2ml
  • Nicotine strength: 2% Nicotine
  • Battery: 500mAh
  • Puffs: 575 Puffs

Flavours Available in Dr Frost Vape:

  1. Frozen Banana
  2. Blue Raspberry Ice 
  3. Frozen Lychee 
  4. Grape Ice 
  5. Watermelon Candy

Flavour Description of Dr Frost Vape: 

  • Frozen Banana: It is a fully sweet flavour with a cold feel. 
  • Blue Raspberry Ice: Try this super surprising flavour that has an exquisite touch of food syrups and candy-like touch that resembles the notes of soft drinks.
  • Frozen Lychee: This flavour gives a splendid touch of frozen lychee that feels sweet and juicy. 
  • Grape Ice: Grape Ice is a fresh juicy flavour that has all the richness of sweetness with an icy touch. 
  • Watermelon Candy: Watermelon Candy is a sweet and refreshing flavour that has a super refreshing and sweet taste of watermelon with a candy touch. 

Are you wondering about going for a top-quality disposable vape at the most reasonable price? If this is the case, don't be discouraged; we offer value-added services at unbeatable pricing, making our professionalism unrivalled. Many well-known vape manufacturers, such as Dr Frost, have teamed up with us to form a hub that aims at providing a high-quality product.

For the vapes, you may rely on Alectrofag because we have a thorough quality assurance process in place. We've sourced the most thrilling vapes to meet your specific requirements, and we've done so in a way that will astound you. So must try our product so that we can welcome you in the family. 

The specifications of the vape, including its design, size, and flavour, are considered while featuring it. Keeping pace with the rapid advancement of technology, we ensure that you receive a good that is not harmful. Thus, confidently take advantage of our expertise and let us make your e-cigarette experience one to remember.

You can get started right now by contacting us and taking availing yourself of the best possible closeness to the vaping experience you've been craving. So feel free to place your order of Dr Frost Vape disposable vape at our online vape shop in the UK.





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