The 4th day of July 2020

We are all eager to meet our relatives, to go out of the house, to enjoy restaurant food and for everything we weren’t able to do for the past almost 4 months. Why the ease in lock-down? Th

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Menthol Cigarettes Banned in UK?

Menthol Cigarettes will be banned from the 20th of May Ban applies to menthol cigarettes including those which contain mint flavoured capsules. E-Cigarettes will not be affected by the ban

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Are vape shops open in Covid 19?

At this time many vapers might be worried about having timely access to their vaping supplies, As a result of government measures, vape shops are now closed across the UK. There have been st

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Nicotine prevents COVID 19?

New study coming out of France suggests that use of nicotine can help prevent the COVID - 19 disease.  There have been conflicting reports on whenever cigarette smokers are more or less pr

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How to become Pro at Vaping in 2020

Do you feel like you are stuck in the same old round of Vaping ? Bored from the usual style of vaping and want to move forward in order to become a more perfectionist at Vaping.  So you have

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