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Tngo Glow Bar 600 Puffs Disposable Vape Device

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Tngo Glow Bar 600 Puffs Disposable Vape Device


Have a healthy vaping experience with Tngo Glow Bar 600 puffs disposable vape. It is an incredible device that is super cool when it is about strong nicotine hits. It gives you a pretty near feel to the traditional cigarettes but has good health results comparatively. Tngo Glow Bar 600 puffs vape is designed to protect your lungs from the tar that can directly damage your lungs and even can cause cancer.

We aim to provide you with nearly the same nicotine trance but safely, in a better and healthy way. So, join us at Alectrofag and buy disposable vape devices at lower rates. They are available in different delicious flavours that can enhance your vaping pleasure. So, don't get late and avail yourself of so many benefits in the form of credits and points on purchasing them referring to your friends and family.

Specifications of Tngo Glow Bar 600 Puffs: 

  • Puffs: Up to 600
  • Battery: Integrated 600mAh Battery
  • Vaping Style: Mouth to Lung
  • Contains: 2ml Nicotine Salt E-Liquid
  • Nicotine Strength 20mg
  • Controls: Draw Activated

Enjoy the fantastic features of the Tngo Glow Bar 600 puffs disposable device. There are ten distinct fruity flavours to choose from that can make your nicotine puffs more delicious. An inbuilt 600 mAh battery has been fixed inside to run all the functionality. The tank is pre-filled with 2ml of Nic e-liquid, a high-quality e-juice that gives you a good feel of nicotine inhaled.

This e-liquid has a nicotine salt content of 20 mg, which is precisely 2%. You'll be able to get up to 600 puffs of nicotine out of each Tngo Glow Bar 600 puffs disposable device. It is a draw activated vaping device that does not let you wait before inhaling the vapours. You are just supposed to pick it up and start inhaling. Its vaping style is mouth to lung, so you get a strong buzz precisely what you desire. 

Flavours of Tngo Glow Bar 600 Puffs Disposable Vape: 

  1. Blood Orange
  2. Blackcurrant Lychee
  3. Blue Razz
  4. Cola Grape
  5. Grape Ice
  6. Mango
  7. Mango Strawberry
  8. Rainbow Candy
  9. Sour Apple
  10. Watermelon Ice

Description of all the Fruity Flavours of Tngo Glow Bar 600 Puffs Vape: 

  • Blood Orange: Blood Orange flavour tastes like juicy tart notes of oranges and grapefruits. 
  • Blackcurrant Lychee: It is a purely sweet flavour that comes with the sweetness of blackcurrant and juicy lychee. 
  • Blue Razz: This flavour is a collection of rich raspberries and blueberries, giving you a buzz with a supreme icy touch. 
  • Cola Grape: This flavour is a blend of sweet green grapes and cola drinks with a fizzy touch. 
  • Grape Ice: If you haven't tried juicy green grapes, then here we are with this tremendous flavour. 
  • Mango: You can enjoy the delicious and charismatic mango. Thus, you have to give it a try if you haven't yet. 
  • Mango Strawberry: This flavour is rich n the sweetness of both mango and freshly ripped strawberries. 
  • Rainbow Candy: Rainbow candy is a super yummy flavour with all the notes of orange, strawberry, lime, mango, and so many juicy fruits. 
  • Sour Apple: A typical sour flavour of green apples with a refreshing hint.
  • Watermelon Ice: It is a pure flavour of fresh and sweet watermelon with an icy touch. 

Now, get ready to enjoy with Tngo Glow Bar 600 puffs disposable vape and place your order at our online vape shop in the UK.





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