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Riot Squad Q Bar 550 Puffs Disposable Vape Device

Riot Squad Q Bar 550 Puffs Disposable Vape Device


Are you intrigued by the vape that has unique flavours and gives you an exquisite feel? Our store has got you covered with the Riot Squad Q Bar that can pique your curiosity into enjoying the vapours. Our years of expertise dealing with Puff Bars have enabled us to bring innovative vape devices meant for you. You can have the exotic feel and cherish your moments whilst you inhale and exhale.

Now don’t get intimidated regarding any issue in your vaping experience. We have enjoined Riot Squad Q Bar to provide you with an expedient feel when you get the e-cigarette of your choice. It has the Nic salt that gives you an excellent tantalising buzz. So, don’t let us wait to serve you our top-notch Riot Squad Q Bar 550 puffs with the latest inhale active technology. 

Features of Riot Squad Q Bar:

  • Up to 550 Puffs
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Inhale Activated
  • Recyclable
  • Hybrid Nic Salt
  • 0mg, 10mg And 20mg


Alectrofag is at your service with ten yummy flavours of Riot Squad Q Bar 550 puffs. It carries 2ml of e-juice in the tank and contains 20mg nicotine salt. This amount resembles the traditional cigarette buzz. The device is designed to be super handy, and the material is recyclable for environment-friendly reasons. It is enough to provide up to 550 nicotine puffs in so many yummy flavours.

It is available in three different categories, i.e. 0mg, 10m,g and 20 m, ton buy in accordance with your priorities. Riot Squad Q Bars in zero nicotine is an excellent option for flavour and cloud lovers who are not interested in nicotine intake but enjoy the vape buzz.

The device is beginner-friendly because it just needs you to take it to your mouth and simply inhale. So, enjoy its inhale active functions that will make your vape experience the best one this time. So, place your order today and allow us to deliver the Riot Squad Q Bar to your doorstep.  

List of Yummy Riot Squad Q Bars Flavours:

  1. Strawberry and Blueberry Ice 
  2. Blue Burst 
  3. Mango Peach and Pineapple 
  4. Cherry Fizz
  5. Watermelon Ice 
  6. Sweet Strawberry 
  7. Triple Mint 
  8. Grape Ice 
  9. Menthol Ice
  10. Classic Tobacco

Let’s elaborate exquisite flavours of Riot Squad Q Bar 550 Puffs to make your selection easier: 

  • Strawberry and Blueberry Ice: It is a fantastic flavour with all the sweetness of fresh juicy strawberries and blueberries. 
  • Blue Burst is a yummy candy-like flavour with a strong hint of sweet blue raspberries. 
  • Mango Peach and Pineapple: This flavour is a splendid blend of sweet mangoes and pineapple with a pulpy touch of so many peaches. 
  • Cherry Fizz: Don’t miss this superb sweet flavour of cherries with a chilled fizzy touch.
  • Watermelon Ice: Watermelon Ice flavour is as obvious as its name. It is an extremely juicy and sweet flavour. 
  • Sweet Strawberry: It is a surprisingly sweet flavour with all the richness of sweet strawberries. 
  • Triple Mint: It is a fine blend of peppermint, fresh mint and spearmint that delvers a super refreshing sweet flavour.  
  • Grape Ice: It is a sweet juicy flavour with all the notes of grapes. 
  • Menthol Ice: It is a super cool flavour with strong menthol additives notes that give a chilling effect rich in sweetness. 
  • Classic Tobacco: It is a pure tobacco flavour with a nice flavour of nicotine extracts. It is a strong flavour to inhale but if you like it then nothing can match its charm.  

Try all the yummy flavours of Riot Squad Q Bar and enjoy each puff buy from our online vape Shop UK.





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