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Nasty Air Fix 675 Puffs Disposable Vape Device

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Nasty Air Fix 675 Puffs Disposable Vape Device


Are you prepared to spend a little to get a lot? Enjoy yourself with the Nasty Air Fix 675 puffs disposable vape and replenish your wallet with a £10 credit by inviting your friends. Do not be surprised since we at Alectrofag are just here to make it feasible. Now it is possible to earn credits by introducing your friends to our products quickly. 

It is a customer-friendly network that brings together a large group of people to provide a great vaping experience. We are always up to providing our consumers with precisely what they need. Nasty Air Fix vape is precisely what you're looking for and is available in a variety of delectable flavours. So, do not delay in allowing us to deliver our top-notch Nasty Air Fix 675 puffs disposable vape that is designed to deal with your cravings.

Specifications of Nasty Air Fix 675 Puffs Disposable Vape:

  • 2% (20mg) nicotine strength
  • 1% (10mg) nicotine strength
  • Powered by 700mah battery
  • Contains 2ml e-liquid 
  • Delivers approximately 675 puffs

Nasty Air Fix 675 puffs vape is an easy-to-use disposable vape pen that does not require refilling or charging. These are two of the device's most impressive characteristics that help in providing you with hustle-free vaping. The device's tank is prefilled with 2ml e-juice that offers a wonderfully satisfying nicotine buzz at a 2% concentration.

This equates to an individually 10mg and 20mg of Nic salt volume. This percentage lies under the recommended daily intake of Nicotine as defined by the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive). The Nasty Air Fix 675 puffs vape is attractive enough to last up to 675 puffs. We provide a large selection of yummy fruity flavours that will enhance the splendour of your nicotine puffs.

The pre-installed battery, which has a capacity of 550mAh, is one of the most promising aspects. It ensures that you will never be disappointed during vaping. It is a newbie vape that is incredibly simple to use due to the fact that it is a disposable device. It does not require recharging the battery or refilling the e-liquid. As a result, it is a reasonably convenient vape falling in a very pocket-friendly budget that can heal your nicotine cravings.

Flavours available to enjoy Nasty Air Fix 675 puffs: 

  1. Trapp Queen 
  2. Menthol 
  3. Vanilla Tobacco 
  4. Asap Grape 
  5. Double Apple 
  6. Watermelon Ice 
  7. Bloody Berry 
  8. Cushman 
  9. Wicked Haze 

Brief flavour explanation of Nasty Air Fix 675 puffs: 

  • Trapp Queen: It is a sweet flavour of freshly ripped strawberries. This flavour dominates only sweet notes but nothing. 
  • Menthol: It is a perfect blend of additive menthol touch and refreshing mint for a charming vape experience.
  • Vanilla Tobacco: It is rich and slightly sweet vanilla accompanied by a subtle tobacco flavour. 
  • Asap Grape: try this super sweet flavour that has the essence of ripped berries and juicy black grapes. 
  • Double Apple: This flavour is a fantastic combination of both green and red apples. Green apples give sour while the red apples add sweetness to the combination.  
  • Watermelon Ice: Watermelon Ice is a refreshing flavour with the topping of ice cubes. 
  • Bloody Berry: It is a refreshing blueberry flavour, including lemon juice notes.  
  • Cushman: Try this mouthwatering flavour, a mixture of strawberry and mango, with a slight touch of mint. 
  • Wicked Haze: It is a super tasty flavour of lemonade and blackcurrant.  

Feel free to order your Nasty Air Fix 675 puffs disposable vape at our online vape shop UK.





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